8X10 DURST ENLARGERS, accessories


DURST L184 ENLARGER CHASSIS Comes with $250 credit towards your choice of negative carriers. The negative carriers I have in stock are the GLENNVIEW custom stretching type carriers and the Durst GRAHALON pin registered carrier frame and Durst GRANE 205 pin registered carrier. The pin registered carrier serves at least as well as the Nega 205 double glass carrier. You do not have to use the pin registration pins if they are not needed. Included are a lensboard, a manual crank with a metal helical knob gear, and a table. Although illustrated with a vacuum easel, the vacuum easel has been sold. Instead it will come with a 25X36" Melamine covered MDF table because that is the flatest piece I could find + it has a smooth, hard, easy to keep clean surface. The enlarger has lens stage tilt, a rotating head (for perspective control or horizontal projection), a CLS 300 Dichroic colorhead--as listed below, locking wheels for tracking to and from wall, bulbs, reflective coating worn off of Dichroic reflectors, bellows have pinholes but are servicable, illuminated dials, automatic temperature-controlled blower controls, also with an external exhaust fan that assists and will extend the life of the built-in blowers. Also included are the EST 300 power supply, a contactor (that takes the brunt of the current in order to extend the lives of the other electricals), a timer, 2 extra bulbs, 2 extra dichroic reflectors. Ex+, $5000. The enlarger head is about 2' below maximum height in the photo in order to keep it compact and get it in the photo. 2nd photo is of the helical metal knob gear at the end of the raising and lowering crank shaft (complete with grease because I removed it from the enlarger for the photo and then immediately replaced it). Whether you buy your 8X10 enlarger from me or someone else, make sure you get an enlarger with a helical knob gear. New bellows are included with the enlarger, but are not installed. I think it best to install the new bellows after you have the enlarger set up in your darkroom.

VIDEO of 8X10 Durst enlarger in operation


8X10 Durst hand crank with helical knob gear. Durst made these gears in steel and in injected molded Nylon. The steel gears held up better than the Nylon, but the Nylon gears did not cause any wear on the mating gear. Over the years customers sold me their Nylon gears which I sold to other customers. Recently an excellent customer needed a gear, but I was sold out, so I made a few gears. These gears are made of West System Epoxy, with added mill fibers to add toughness and added Graphite powder to add lubricity--as recommended by a West System Epoxy technician. Initially I made the first gear out of Epoxy. The gears that I am now offering are made of Epoxy molded around a metal armature. There is a lot of force being exerted upon these helical gears. As you crank the enlarger head up and down, forces want to cause the gear to revolve about the shaft to which they are pinned. The metal armature adds a great deal of strength to both the pin hole and the gears themselves. Even so, I suggest that my customers (and those with Nylon gears) push up on the head as they crank up to counteract gravity and make their gears last longer. Also, put some heavy grease on the helical gear and on the mating helical gear in the enlarger column. There are 2 red-painted holes on the crank shaft; those should be lubrcated with oil once a year. Those red-painted holes should face up. To access the red-painted hole nearest the helical gear, you will need to remove the crank shaft from the enlarger. Take that opportunity to inspect and regrease your helical gear. The heavy grease tends to get pushed aside with use. The Graphite in my gear will not get pushed aside. The Nylon gear illustrated is the last used gear I sold; you can see that it is worn, but still did the job. I have a handwheel only available for $90. The locking bolt and nut $OLD. I do not have a crank shaft available. The GLENNVIEW made gear is $500. It can be difficult to remove and replace the helical gear. You are welcome to send your crank shaft to me. I built a jig that facilitates removal of the old gear. I charge $200 to remove your old gear and replace it with a GLENNVIEW gear + the cost of the gear. Only one Helical Gear left in stock.


CLS 300 Dichroic colorhead, 2000W, 220/240V, 10X10" mixing box, stabilized power supply, all original Durst filters, reflective coating on Dichroic reflectors typically deteriorated, infrared filters keep heat out of mixing box and away from your negative, auxiliary filter drawer, thermostatically controlled built-in blowers keep air flowing over lamps + the hoses and external blower as illustrated in above photo of the head mounted on the Durst chassis, corner of mixing box diffusion outlet sheet is broken outside of image area--see photo below. 2 extra bulbs and 2 extra reflectors are included. This head is included with the L184 enlarger chassis, but is available separately. Ex+, $2500


5X7/8X10 1500W DURST MURAL PROJECTION LIGHT SOURCE: Macbeth Pulsed Xenon super bright Light Source, power supply with built-in timer, lamp in diffusion housing designed to be mounted in your 5X7/8X10 Durst condenser head in place of ordinary bulb socket (maintaining XYZ adjustment), blower and hose. This is the brightest light source ever made for the Durst. This comes with a used bulb and a new bulb. New bulbs are still available and cost $85. A customer who uses such a unit daily says bulbs last about 5 years. PS is large and heavy and will probably have to be trucked. Price includes S&H to anywhere in the lower 48 US. Ex, $1800


Durst VACUUM BASEBOARD. Cast Aluminum construction makes for a very flat baseboard that will not warp or delaminate. A multiposition punch is attached to the left hand side of the baseboard. A readily removed guide to its use is at the left front. 4 post registration pins are included. Without vacuum pump or motor. It is designed to bolt directly to the supporting arm. You can expect perfect alignment if all else is right with your enlarger. SOLD

NEW Durst L184 bellows. Made by the best bellows manufacturer I have ever worked with. In one image you see the new bellows sitting atop the old bellows. Durst bellows are held onto the enlarger with metal strips with holes in them. Screws go through the metal strips, the bellows, and into threaded holes in the enlarger. The holes have not been punched in these new bellows. I think it best to indicate the location of the holes as you install the bellows. I punch the holes with a leather punch, although a simple punch will do the job as well. Only one bellows available. $500 for the new bellows only.

Durst L184 bellows. Because these original Durst bellows came off of a Durst L184, you can be sure that they will fit your Durst L184 perfectly. Durst bellows are held onto the enlarger with metal strips with holes in them. Screws go through the metal strips, the bellows, and into threaded holes in the enlarger. They have some pinholes in the corners. More pinholes will develop over time. These are serviceable despite the pinholes. $200 as is.

Durst L184 bellows. These original Durst L184 bellows are not usable, but you may buy them for $80 to send to your bellows manufacturer to have the bellows copied.


Durst NEGA 205 double glass 10X10" negative carrier. This is the standard double glass negative carrier. It is spring loaded. All springs are intact. One piece of the velvet bearing material on the bottom is missing. Glass priced separately. Last one! $OLD. I leave it up for your information.

Durst NEGLA 205 GLASSES, 10X10". This glass fits the NEGA 205 and the GRANE 205.


Durst GRAHALON pin registered carrier frame and Durst GRANE 205 pin registered carrier for Durst 8X10 enlargers, glass not included. Glass listed above. The 1st image shows the carrier partially inserted into the carrier frame. The 2 clamps on the sides clamp onto the negative stage as illustrated in the 2nd image. DURST GRALO pin-registratiuon punch is the appropriate punch for use with this carrier. 2 available, $600 each


Negative carriers can make or break an enlarger. Few negative carriers are well designed. Cheap glassless negative carriers like Omega and Beseler allow the film to buckle under heat, crop too much of the image and reflect light off the inside edges of the carrier opening making even more of the perimeter of the image unuseable. Expensive glassless negative carriers like some Durst carriers have beveled interior edges, but still crop into the image and allow buckling. Glass carriers prevent the film from buckling, but still oftentimes cut off some of the image. Of course, with glass carriers you have 4 extra surfaces to keep clean and may encounter Newtonrings. I have developed a glassless stretching type negative carrier that holds the film taught without glass and yet still allows printing of the full image--even the full negative. I have built 2 such carriers for use with an 8X10 Durst. I can build carriers for other enlargers and other formats. I may be able to build an insert to fit inside your carrier. I should be able to build a carrier to fit most sheet film enlargers. The design will not work with rollfilm. The cost will vary with the effort required. The 8X10 Durst carriers are priced at $500 and $2000. Here are the listings for the 8X10 Durst carriers:

CUSTOM GLASSLESS STRETCHING TYPE NEGATIVE CARRIER FOR 8X10 DURST, film is held taught without glass, allows printing of entire negative, requires use of Condit 8X10 diagonal punch, or some other small hole punch to punch holes in corners of negative as the negative is held in the carrier with small springs that must go through small holes in the negative corners, made of oak with velvet bearing strips around the perimeter of the top and bottom to protect your enlarger negative stage, negative may be oriented vertically or horizontally, carrier may be inverted, with handle, may be made for other formats and other enlargers as well, NEW, a GLENNVIEW product, $500 without a film punch. Handheld ticket punches are serviceable and economical.

NOTES ABOUT THE ABOVE AND BELOW CUSTOM GLASSLESS STRETCHING TYPE NEGATIVE CARRIER FOR 8X10 DURST. It has been a long time since I have seen an 8X10 Diagonal film punch. Condit is out of business and no more film punches are being manufactured. The below carrier is one I made using a Durst carrier with 4 registration pins optimally located for conversion to a glassless stretching type carrier. It is very special. Were I to make another, it would be a lot more work and I would have to charge more for it. I would not make it on speculation, so there would be a delay in getting it to you........and I still do not have another 8X10 diagonal film punch. So, if you want one, best to buy this one. It is only available until it isn't and that could happen any time.

CUSTOM GLASSLESS STRETCHING TYPE NEGATIVE CARRIER FOR 8X10 DURST, made from DURST GRANE 205 PIN REGISTERED CARRIER and DURST GRAHALON PIN REGISTERED CARRIER FRAME, film is held taught without glass, allows printing of entire negative, with 8X10 DIAGONAL PUNCH, negative is held in the carrier with small springs that must go through small holes in the negative corners, the springs are on adjustable mounts for ease of loading, negative may be oriented horizontally only, a custom GLENNVIEW product, $2000 with an 8X10 diagonal punch. Here is an image that was printed with the carrier. Image made with 90mm Hypergon.