8X10 Kodak negative carrier, single sheet of slightly scratched glass, $65. I removed the hardware in order to clean the glass out to the edges. Glass is 8 3/8 X 10 3/8" in size. $115 with new sheet of glass. $135 with 2nd sheet of cover glass. Made of really high quality vintage wood, probably mahogany. This would be a good one for your homemade enlarger.

10X10 hinged negative carrier. I do not know what enlarger this fits. The overall size is 12X12". Window opening is 9 1/2 X 9 1/2" square. Included glass is worthless. There is one glass retaining clip missing. Another good one for your homemade enlarger. $65.

5X7 Kodak glass carriers. The black carrier is metal. The green carrier is wood. Each has a bottom sheet of glass. A top sheet of glass is required to hold the negative flat. The glass in the metal carrier is scratch free, $100. The glass in the wood carrier has a 1/8" scratch, $30.

4X5 Eurogon negative carrier, accepts glass or glassless inserts, with 6X6cm glassless inserts, built-in 4-bladed mask, for the enlarger made by Industrie Fototecnica Firenze (Florence, Italy), distributed by Leedal (Chicago), rare, Ex, $50

4X5 sandwiching type negative made out of stainless steel or plated steel or brass, locating guide slots at one end, handle at other, 4 film guide pins and holes on other half, do not know what enlarger it was made for, will photograph it for you, Mint-, $15

2 1/4X2 1/4 glassless negative carrier for 4X5 enlarger. I do not know what enlarger this is made for. $25.

Heat absorbing glass for the same unknown 4X5 enlarger that the above carrier fits. In case you want it for the glass, the glass is 5 X 6 5/8". $50

Kodak Precision A 2 1/4X3 1/4 glassless carrier, box, $40. The Kodak Precision A is one of my favorite enlargers. It is simply beautiful; that is, beautiful because of its simplicity. The negative carriers are some of the best.

Other carriers found on Omega, Durst, Beseler and Leitz enlarger lists.


Carlwen after market negative carriers are some of the best and most convenient negative carriers made, and as the experienced darkroom worker knows, negative carriers can make or break an enlarger. Carlwen is no longer in business. Carlwen carriers are now only available on the used market. Carlwen carriers are separate from Carlwen bases. The carriers will fit bases for different enlargers, but the bases are specific to the enlargers. Bases accept different width carriers. The bases are made primarily of Phenolic, which means that the Aluminum carriers slide easily through the bases and that the holes in the bases are easily enlarged if necessary. You may often print a shorter negative in a longer frame opening. Oil immersion carriers require a glass top plate to hold down the negative and appropriate oil. I can have top glass plates made. I presently do not know what is appropriate oil for this purpose, but the oil should have the same refractive index as does the film base--which results in elimination of scratches and dust and other minor imperfections. I am told that clear mineral oil will work. I can make bases for some enlargers.