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TIVOLI AUDIO HENRY KLOSS MODEL THREE CLOCK RADIO. Surely would like to meet Henry Kloss; what an innovator! These tiny radios are a prime example. Great sounding, small, inexpensive, simple. All you need for a small space. I am including an extra, an external antenna. As a small child I bought a crystal radio. When it quit working in the Rocky Mountains, I gave up on it. The problem was a lack of reception; lesson learned. The external antenna will almost always provide better reception than the internal antenna. It is your choice whether to use it or not. The dial is geared low for the sake of fine tuning. The dial is a little off, though. The radio is tuned to 98.7 FM, although it shows about 100. With the required 120V to 12V transformer. There is a lot of electronic static while tuning. Once tuned, it is fine. This did not affect me because I only listened to WFMT. The on/off knob was replaced and it is off by one click stop. If is off when it says it is on FM, etc. All functions work. $50

JBL LANSING L77 SPEAKERS. I bought these about 1980 in the condition they are in now based upon their great sound. The foam surrounds were deteriorated then as they are now. They still sound great. I would consider repairing the foam surrounds, but I do not think it would improve the sound. Who would know that the foam surrounds were deteriorated with the speaker grills it is not even a cosmetic issue. You are welcome to visit and listen to the speakers. $200

ALTEC LANSING SOUND SYSTEM. Connects to your computer, etc. and 120V AC. The system works some of the time. There is a bad connection in one remote speaker. So only $20. The system is in the original box. Shipping is merely a matter of paying for the cost to ship. You are welcome to pick it up, but, at $20, I will not take time to connect it up and demonstrate.

DIGITAL Power Control 861-D. Plug it into 3 phase and get single phase output. 19" rack mount. $100

Sola 3000W voltage stabilizer, formally listed as "constant voltage transfomer harmonic neutralized, type CVS, U. L. listed power supply 685H," series 82D, input 95-130X175-235X190-260, input amps 34.6X19X17.3, output voltage 120X240, frequency 60 HZ, VA3000, computer grade voltage stabilizer (even higher standards than photo grade), weighs 162#, Ex+, $550. Other smaller capacity voltage stabilizers are listed here: Darkroom Equipment-Timers, Analyzers, Densitometers and more

Arriflex Stop Motion Control Console, Model 150-75, with motor, also catalog #150-75, for the Arriflex 16St or Arriflex 16M 16mm cine cameras, Mint-, $300

Arriflex 110V AC power supply, catalog #339-370, 8 or 12V output, plastic Ammeter cover cracked, otherwise Ex+, $250

Angenieux 2X wide angle lens attachment,coated, ~65-66mm inside threads at lens rear are designed to screw onto the front of another lens, 111mm OD front element, front cap, sliding barrel for adjustment, Mint-, $200

Bolex 16mm 400 foot film magazine, with film counters for both 400' and 200' reels, with rubber cover for mating area, Ex+, $200

Bolex 16mm side mounted viewfinder, 25-150mm, with slide into position from underneath 10mm auxiliary lens, Ex+, $50, $25 w/o 10mm lens

Bolex 10mm auxiliary lens for VF, Mint, in case, $50

Bolex 16mm extension tubes, C-mount, set of 4, 5mm, 10mm, 20mm and 40mm, Mint, $100

C-mount lens hole cover, screw-in, Ex+, $5

2 Bolex cranks, as illustrated. You see both in the 1st photo. You see a closeup of the one in the 2nd photo. The one is labeled "B". The other is not labeled. Mint, $30

13mm F1.9 Kern-Paillard Yvar normal coated lens for 8mm, Ex+, 35

Kodak 13mm F2.7 Cine Ektanon lens, coated, Ex, $15

36mm F2.5 Elgeet Cine Tel telephoto coated lens for 8mm, Ex+, $25

36mm F1.9 Elgeet Cine Navitar telephoto coated lens, Ex+, $35

Bolex 8mm blank lens plug to cover holes in turret when not in use, Ex+, $10, 2 available

F1.9 Wollensak cine velostigmat, I believe it is a normal focal length for 8mm, Mint-, $25

Kodak adaptor & variable VF for 50mm, 63mm, 102mm, and 152mm lenses, fits above 102mm Kodak lenses, Ex+, $25

16mm sound projector, EIKI Super Slot load II, coated 50mm F1.2 EIKI Super-16 lens, model SL-OML, 250W lamp, with takeup reel, cordless remote control, case, dust cover, Mint-, $250, 2 available

Pair speakers from E-Machine computer, new-in-box, $15

Thinkpad (or other laptop) case. Did you know that the military uses Thinkpads to control a tiny (about 6") plane with video camera? This must be a military case, certainly it's built to take the kind of abuse the military would give it. It's sort of like a briefcase built by Anvil. 7X14X17", 14#, with several compartments and dividers. $100

Laptop case, black plastic shell with soft covering, looks presentable for business use, ~18X14.25X5.5", with 2 keys, Ex+, $45

I have a great selection of Tripods, monopods, shoulder braces, rifle stocks, video camera wall mounts, etc. see my TRIPODS web page.

Sony VCR SLV-N80/N70 instruction book and remote control unit, English, $30.

Instruction manual and remote control unit RC-60FR for Phillips audio video stereo receiver FR780, the receiver itself was damaged by lightning and was discarded, Ex+, $15

CINE LIGHTING EQUIPMENT is listed here: Lighting Equipment

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