I use Speedotron Black Line equipment because it is built the way I like for equipment to be built. First and foremost it is reliable. It is reliable primarily because it is basic. Fancy strobes need repair more often.

4803CX power supply. I alternate using this power supply with the one listed just below in order to keep the capacitors formed. Later model with rocker switches, dent in housing is clearly visible in front corner in 2nd photo, otherwise Mint, $1800

4803 power supply, with earlier more reliable toggle switches, Mint-, $1700. This is what I use on a daily basis. Recently checked out by Speedotron factory; comes with a clean bill of health.

Speedotron Super Strobe 2400WS power supply with 6 equal output outlets, custom power supply by Speedotron, with 2 custom 4' long light banks, each with 3 linear strobe tubes and 3 quartz modeling lights, with velcro all around perimeter of reflectors--for mounting diffusion material or Polarizing filters or whatever, mounted on Mole Richardson collapsable castered base stands, great museum lighting outfit, fantastic for banquet photography or for illuminating a large painting, mural, or whatever, working well, Ex, $3000. Recently checked out by Speedotron factory; comes with a clean bill of health.

1201A power supply, 1200 WS. Ex, $600. Recently checked out by Speedotron factory; comes with a clean bill of health. I use it on a regular basis; it resides on the focusing spotlight boom stand listed below.

206VF-UV 4800WS capacity head. Comes with adaptor cable to use 206VF head on smaller output outlet. With UV coated flashtube. With detachable cable. NEW, $650. 5 available.

Adaptor cable to use 206VF head on smaller output outlets, $85

202VF-CC 2400 WS capacity head With UV coated flashtube. With detachable cable. With umbrella reflector. NEW, $580. One available.

Speedotron Blackline 7" umbrella reflector. NEW, $40. One available.

BEAUTY LIGHT. I purchased the 28" reflector with the camera accessory strobe mount from Fotodiox. I made the Speedotron Black Line adaptor by adding a Speedotron Black Line Accessory Mounting Collar to an Aluminum ring. Similar mounting collars for other strobes could be mounted on the aluminum ring that I made. A properly made beauty light such as this provides a perfectly round catchlight in the eye and provides a subtle Chiaroscuro modeling of subjects. Illustrated with a Nikon SB900 Strobe light mounted on the below listed Mole Richardson Baby Size SkyHi Litewate Stand, type 1851. Note that the camera accessory strobe mount includes a ball joint and a strobe mounting shoe. The camera accessory strobe mount is adjustable and will accept just about any camera accessory strobe. Illustrated with a Speedotron Black Line 206VF head mounted on the Photogenic boom stand listed below. Reflector with both adapters and cloth diffuser only, $200.

POWERFUL RINGLIGHT. 1600 WS capable. Will operate on 25 to 1600 WS. ORBILIGHT 1600 by Tronix, Inc., Dallas, TX. This is the best ringlight I have ever used. I had a Profoto ringlight, but sold that because I liked this one better. A very convenient feature of the Orbilite is that the sync cord plugs into the ringlight; your sync cord need only be several inches long. There is, of course, a sync cord inside the power cord sheath that you plug into the power supply. There is a clear plastic protective flashtube cover and a translucent cover. The camera mount is highly adjustable in several dimensions. You may mount small or medium format cameras on the mount. You may also use it with view cameras. You see the Orbilite with a Nikon D800 on it mounted on a tripod using a 3/8-16TPI socket. There is also a 1/4-20TPI tripod socket. The hole through the ringlight housing is 75.5mm. The outside diameter of the ringlight housing is about 170mm. The power cord is about 8 meters long. There is a ready light on the back of the Orbilite. There is a sync test button on the Orbilite. This Orbilite is designed for use on Speedotron Black Line power supplies; the connecting plug may be changed to fit some other brand power supplies. There is no modeling light. The Orbilite is powerful enough to light up whole rooms. $1000.

3' long striplights in reflectors, with modeling lights and mounting yokes, Ascor series 600 for Speedotron Blackline, 800WS capacity. 3 available, $500 each.

Speedotron blackline striplights made by local strobe repairman Devon Reno, will handle 2400WS, basic in appearance and function, about 12" long tube mounted on aluminum plate with modeling light and electronics. Power cord about 17' long. 2 of these are currently in use in my studio; they have been functioning without need of repair since 1987. I have them mounted in a 5X10' skylight with a sheet of velvet polycarbonate at the bottom of the skylight. You can mount them in a wall/ceiling corner or just about anywhere convenient and appropriate. They overpower the sunlight coming through the skylight even at high noon. I know what the F-stop is no matter how much sun is coming through. Imagine the space you could light with the 10 I have available, $150 each or 4/$500.

Speedotron blackline striplight made by local strobe repairman Devon Reno, will handle 4800WS, extra heavy duty about 12" long tube mounted in custom housing. Power cord about 17' long. Designed to mount onto a 5/8" diameter stud. Mounted on Mole Richardson type 1851 stand--listed below. $250

Speedotron mounting collar or head mount, for adding to your custom built softbox, NEW, 6 available, $17 each. These are difficult to find because almost no one else stocks them. I build my own soft boxes. My only light for most of the images on these web pages is a 5X10' skylight that doubles as a softbox. I pump 4800W of light through it and overpower daylight--at F22.

Speedotron 2 wing barndoors for 7" reflector, 3 available, $40 each

11" reflector, 50 degree, Mint, $40 each. 2 for $75

20 degree grid for 11" reflector, $43

35 degree grid for 11" reflector, $36

Speedotron umbrella reflector to fit all current blackline heads or brownline M11 or M11Q heads, beatup, but serviceable as reflectors or good for making into soft box connectors, $5 ea.

Speedotron 10X26" striplight softbox, Mint, $80

Speedotron 36" umbrella, clear plastic sleeve, 1/4" shaft, Mint-, $20

Speedotron Accelerator cable 55517 AL-4 Minolta 4000AF, new-in-plastic-bag, $15

Speedotron Accelerator cable 55512 AM-4 Metz 45CT-3 and Metz 45CT-4, new-in-plastic-bag, $15


Before I could afford Speedotron Blackline, I used Speedotron Brown Line. It is just as good, just not as powerful. I sold my Brownline equipment, except for the 2 best Brownline heads I ever had. At least one of the tubes was purchased new by me directly from the Kemlite company, which at that time, was located in the same building in which Speedotron Company was located. All of the tubes, however, were installed in heads and test fired before I sold my Brownline power supplies, so they are all listed as used.

Speedotron M10 light head, with umbrella mount, with 8" umbrella reflector and with 11" reflector, with MW6 1000WS flash tube (will take MW6Q 2400WS flash tube), with new EAK 100W modeling light, 2 available, Ex+, $175, Ex, $150 Note that the reflector may be moved to and from the head to provide a reflectance angle of from 45 to 70 degrees. Shown with 8" reflector. 11" reflectors like illustrated on the lamphead below also come with these heads.

Speedotron M10 light head, with interchangeable 11" reflector , with MW6 1000WS flash tube (will take MW6Q 2400WS flash tube), with EAD 60W modeling light, with removable cord, Ex+, $150. Note that the reflector may be moved to and from the head to provide a reflectance angle of from 45 to 70 degrees. There are several differences between this head and the above heads: 1) this head does not have the unbrella mount built-into the stand mount as do the above heads, 2) this head has a removable power supply cord (left) whereas the above heads have a fixed cord, 3) this head has an extension cord, 4) this head has an extra cord with plug to mate with the head (as a spare) because the plug on the power cord is damaged but still working, 4) this head uses a different modeling lamp.

Speedotron extension cable for some Brownline heads like the one illustrated with a removable cord, Ex, $25

Brownline 11" reflector, for M10 heads, Ex+, $30

Brownline 8" reflector, for M10 heads, Ex+, $30

Brownline extension synch cord, Mint, $12

Vintage original Kemlite MW8Q 2400WS flash tube, vintage used tube in working condition, $70.

Vintage original Kemlite MW6Q 2400WS flash tube, vintage used tube in working condition, $70.

Vintage MW6Q equivalent 2400WS flash tubes. Note the extra long coils. They are not identified. They came in with a Brownline outfit. $55 each or 2 for $100.

Vintage original Kemlite MW6 1000WS flash tube, vintage used tube in working condition, $40.

Vintage original Kemlite MW6 1000WS flash tubes, vintage used tubes in working condition, $55 each or 2 for $100.

Vintage original Kemlite MW6 1000WS flash tubes, vintage used tubes in working condition, without protective shells, $30 for the cleaner one, $15 for the other.


P2000D Power Pack, 2000 Watts, 7 head outlets, 50 output combinations, variable intensity modeling light switch, ready/test light, instruction book copy, 2 available, $500 and $400. Note: cleaner one on left. One on right shows more use, but it functions as well. Although I have no Norman heads left for use with these power supplies, I do have a Balcar head with a Norman adapter that allows me to test them. You are also welcome to buy the Balcar head and/or one or more of the several adapter cords listed below with the Balcar head.


Balcar fan-cooled head, glass bulb protector, new modeling light. The coils in the coiled cord are misshapen, but the cord functions as it should. Note that I have adapter cords to use this head on Norman P-series or Speedotron Blackline power packs. The head is mounted on an adjustable base with 3/8-16TPI female threads. Tested. Works. $150

Balcar light stand for use on pack side, attachment clamps not included. Made by Gitzo for Balcar. Outside diameter of largest section is 28mm. 9' maximum extended length. 26" collapsed length. 3/8-16TPI threaded stud with Gitzo adjustable locking disk. Illustrated on a Balcar A5000 power pack; power pack has been sold. All rubbers in good condition. Also useful as microphone boom arms. Only one left--the vertical one in the 1st 2 images. $40

Balcar head to Norman power pack adaptor cable, about 2-3' long. Use your Balcar heads with your Norman power supply. 3 available. $50 each, 2 for $90, 3 for $120

Balcar head to Speedotron Black Line power pack adaptor cable, about 1-2' long. Use your Speedotron Black Line power supply. Only one available. $50


Ascor QC8 extension cable. $65

Ascor 11" diameter reflector, pretty beat up and has a hole punched in it for an umbrella shaft. It is the only Ascor reflector I have left. $15.

6 Ascor series 600 heads in need of repair, or for parts, with 8 pin Amphenol round connector. The 2 head to stand tilting connectors you see in the photo have been sold; there are no head to stand tilting connectors included. Ascor heads work directly on Speedotron Blackline. I have put several to use in equipment I have built or altered. For instance, the Johnson Ventlight focusing spotlight on boom stand has an Ascor head in it. My guess is that there are several working heads in the lot; just add tubes and modeling lights. $100 for the lot. If you just want one head that has been tested and is guaranteed to work, the price is $60.

"FT800 Strobosol" strobe tube, NEW, $40. Probably for the Ascor series 600. I found it in my Ascor box.

MW9M 1190 A/K strobe tube, NEW, $80. Not for the Ascor 600 series. If you know what it is for, please let me know.


Ascor Ring Light, catalog # 011-202, for small portable Ascorlight Auto 1600 strobe, worked last time I used it, 52mm mounting ring, It has an endplug that is the same as the Strobomatic 500 bare bulb strobe head tube. Ex+, $50.

Ascorlight Auto 1600 instructions, original, $50, copy, $20


Years ago I wholesaled all of my Strobomatic equipment that I could find at the time. Several pieces were not found until later. I am offering them now. I believe that this is the last that I have.

GRAFLEX GLOBE STROB 500 BARE BULB STROBE HEAD, BOXED. Uncommon in its day; rare today. This bare bulb strobe head has seen very little use. When it was used it was used carefully. Stored in its foam padded box, it has seen no abuse. $100 each. $175 for both.


Bowens Macrolite, 2 very small strobelights and 2 very small quartz lights (1 strobe and 1 quartz light in same small housing) on flexible arms which are attached to a camera mounting plate, w/power supply, exposure guide and copy of brochure, $250. The Bowens Macrolite Exposure Guide is also available separately for $30. A quality copy of the 4 page brochure is available for $20. This can be used hand held as illustrated. It can be used with a view camera, a copy camera, etc.


Novotron modeling light bulbs. 100W. Ordinary bulbs will not fit. 2, new-in-boxes, $6 for both.


There's nothing like being able to see exactly what you are going to get and being able to measure light and contrast with an ordinary meter. The "hot light" photographer is probably on average more adept at lighting than the average "strobe photographer." These images were made with some hot lights I sold; some of those hot lights are in the photos. The photographer is Sanders McNew. The model is his wife, Melanie McNew. Very nicely done!

Bardwell McAlister 750W focusing Fresnel spotlight with Focospot on castered base 4.5-9' folding leg stand. The Bardwell McAlister spotlight by itself focuses with a soft edge with a varying angle from spot to near flood. The add-on Focospot produces a hard edged image when focused--as illustrated in the last 2 images. $OLD. I leave these images up for the sake of the 2 Focospots I still have available. The Focospots have to be less common than the spotlight itself.

Focospot to fit the above light or similar light. A focusing condenser lens with a revolving disk mask with 6 different sized circular holes allows you to project sharp edged circles or ellipses. Above you see it with a larger sized mask in use. Here you see it with a smaller, but not the smallest mask in use. You may also buy or make your own masks with custom patterns. Illustrated with above Bardwell McAlister spotlight, which has been sold. The Focospot may be used with other lights. Here you see it with an adapter to use it with a Speedotron Black Line strobe light. $300 for this Focospot. $225 for the speedotron adapter--including the Speedotron 7" umbrella reflector. Speedotron heads and power supplies are listed at the top of this page. The Focospot is made of steel and glass. The Speedotron head combined with the adapter and the Focospot is heavy. The Majestic geared tilt head works particularly well with this setup. Tripods and tripod heads are found on my TRIPODS web page. I can even make an adapter to mount the Majestic head on a substantial light stand such as a Saltzman in case you do not want to devote a tripod to the setup.

SNOOT. Helix wrote "Bard" on the sticker, so it probably is for a Bardwell McAlister spot light. Base is about 4 3/8" square. Some tape residue on snoot. $25

SNOOTS. Base is a little over 4 1/2" square. Some tape residue on snoots. $15 each or both for $22

Sun-Ray Photo, NYC 13" diameter reflector flood with barndoors. Quality porcelain Mogul base socket with regular base socket adaptor. Adjustable angle mount, adjustable height bulb position, designed to mount on 3/8" diameter stud. Works, but needs line cord. Bulbs sold separately. $60 as-is, or $90 with line cord installed.

Johnson Ventlight parts. Lamp stud, $25. Knob, $25. Both, $40.


General Electric Blue (daylight balanced) Photofloods #282, new-old-stock, 10 available, $10 each

2 500W and 2 300W large Mogul base lamps, new-old-stock, $5 each


(All Ex+ or better)

10X12X34" Molequartz Molekit type 5567 case, 2 Molequartz type 2921 1000W Nooklites, two 4-leaf type 2924 lightshields (barndoors), 2 type 5603 Molepac stands, 2 #4012 dichroic filters, case interior foam removed, otherwise Ex+, $550. A 2nd kit is available without the light stand and without the filters, for $400.

10X12X34" Mole Richardson type 5567 case only, as illustrated above, $150.

2 Mole Richardson #4012 dichroic Pyrex bluish filters, for the above type 2921 1000W Nooklites. Filters may be seen with the above kit. $120

2 Mole Richardson #280108 Mole Focal-spots for use with the Mini-Mole, each with #280114 narrow beam lens tube assembly. The have built-in barndoors allow you to form the smallest of spots or close off the light completely. Newly cleaned 3 element lenses. $130 for one, $100 for another (with some chpping at glass edge, which does not show in the projected light, but is visible in last image) or both for $200.

GLENNVIEW made adapters that allow you to use the above Mole Richardson #280108 Mole Focal-spots on the below listed Photogenic Focusing Minispots. Note in the 2nd image that the MINISPOT is on, but no light escapes from the lens. That is because the built-in barn doors are closed. The last image is the projected image. $60 each or 2 for $100.

Snoot, base 7 1/8" square, cone 6" diameter, maybe type 40866, $30

Snoot, base 6 5/8" square, cone exit hole 2" diameter, probably Mole Richardson, $30

Snoot, base 6 5/8" square (same size as above conical snoot), cone 6" diameter, probably Mole Richardson, $20

Barndoors, base 6 5/8" diameter (same size as above 2 snoots), $25 each, 4/$60

Heavy Duty C-clamp and adaptor, type 500848, allows fixture with 5/8" yoke socket to hang overhead, NEW, $25

5/8" to spud adaptor, type 23523, 2 available, NEW, $10 each. The 2nd photo is of a similar USED product, $8.

Mole-Richardson type 500179 caster post, 5/8" stud. Substitute for 7/16-14TPI nut on stand leg to mount lamps down low. 2nd photo shows one mounted on a stand. NEW, $15


w/Fresnel lens, filter/accessory holder, about 15' line cord with in-line switch, designed for mounting on 3/8" stud, will accept various wattage bulbs, including 200W FEV, 150W CGP, 150W BEC, 100W CDJ. The 2 images of the light patterns show only the extremes. These are focusing Fresnel lens lights; by changing the distance of the bulb from the Fresnel lens (via a knob at the rear), you change the size of the illuminated area. This feature also has an effect upon the size of the illuminated spot when used with the snoots. In these images, the illuminated surface is 2 feet from the light. By moving the light you change the size of the illuminated area. The light stand is available and is listed below. These are great for most types of tabletop photography where it is beneficial to see exactly what the light is doing to the subject and where control of the light spread is needed. The orchid was lit with 2 of these lights, each with a snoot--all done with a minimum of time, space and effort. The amaryllis was photographed using 3 lights. These are great lights for flowers and other small objects. $OLD. I leave this up for your information.


COLORTRAN LOCATION LIGHTING KIT 11x14x44" case with 3 Mini King, Model #104-051 1000W maximum quartz lights, each with 4-way barndoors, 2 bulbs, case, $200 Note: lights designed to fit on 1/2" or 5/8" stud. The stand was also available separately and was sold, so now without stand and price was reduced accordingly.


Colortran U-mount, fits over 5/8" stud. The U-mount is 5.5" long and 4" wide outside dimensions. The U-mount could be removed and the tilting bracket could then be bolted to whatever you like. $20

ColorTran converter, model CLQ 3000R, 220V input @ 30 Amps, 3000W, 120V capacity, 5 level output, wiring cut for removal, some wiring required, may be used with any brand hot lights, Ex, $40

Colortran knob, 5/16-18TPI threads, $15


Hinelight, spiral neon or fluorescent ringlight, about 18" in diameter with fold out reflectors that make it into a 30" square light source, very bright, 3800 degrees Kelvin, with mount to hold ringlight on tripod in front of 8X10 view or smaller camera, power supply, case, only one left, $500. Set your digital camera's white balance setting to 3800 degrees Kelvin or use an FL (fluorescent) filter (on daylight film) for accurate color images. Photos of Hinelight with reflectors open from subject's viewpoint and of mannequin head illuminated with the Hinelight and of Sinar 4X5 camera mounted behind the Hinelight on the included camera mounting arm--which is in turn mounted on a Cambo studio stand arm which is not included. There are several mounting holes for mounting the Hinelight camera arm onto a tripod and there are several positions along the arm where you may mount the camera. You may also adjust the height of the Hinelight in relation to your camera. The 4th image is of the interior of a panoramic camera illuminated with the Hinelight; note the shadowless illumination while still retaining the texture of the various materials. I photographed this interior with a ring flash, but because of the differences in size of the lights, the Hinelight way outperformed the ring flash. You may see the image made with the ringflash on my panoramic cameras page.

Hinelight, as above, with broken tube. The tube could be replaced with strobe lights, LEDs or whatever you wish. I have considered mounting 3 or 4 striplights for Speedotron Blackline in the reflector for what would probably be the world's brightest ring light. Striplights for Speedotron Blackline are listed near the top of this page. Very clean reflector, with camera and tripod mount, broken tube and no power supply, $200. The power supply is available too @ $100.


Westcott 54X40" light tent, style #3887, cone shaped, white Nylon, top hanger secures with Velcro, collapsible, folds up into ~14" diameter case, Mint-, $60

Photoflex Litedisc 42" white/silver reflector, collapsible, folds up into ~14" diameter case, Ex, $50

Helix wall plate, .25X4X8" with 6 holes to screw to wall and with 3" long 5.8" stud, 2 available, Ex+, $20 ea.

Adapter, adapts 5/8" stud to 3/8-16 thread, 2 available, Ex, $10 ea.

12X36" plastic cylindrical cases, with side handle, strap, for light stands, etc., Ex+, $60, another identical case with crack near bottom, $30

Chimera small 24X32" softbox, universal mount, case, Ex, $100

42" white umbrellas, 33" long folded, heavy duty, 3/8" shaft, Ex+, $20, VG (2 struts bent, but works), $10

50" white umbrellas, 33" long folded, heavy duty, 3/8" shaft, 2 Ex, $20 ea., 1 VG (3 struts bent, but works), $10

"Shorty" Polecat location kits: I have 2 complete kits. Only one kit is available. For $300 you get 4 black anodized aluminum 2' pole sections + 2 spring loaded sections for wedging poles between floor and ceiling, 2 bottom pole sections with clamps, 2 tripod connectors for freestanding background, 2 connectors to mate background stands with crossbar, 4 new rubber endcaps, in heavy duty cotton carrycase. For $440 you get 14 black anodized aluminum 2' pole sections + 2 spring loaded sections for wedging poles between floor and ceiling, 2 bottom pole sections with clamps, 2 tripod connectors for freestanding background, 2 connectors to mate background stands with crossbar, 4 new rubber endcaps, in heavy duty Nylon carrycase. As an example of what parts are required I have included a photo of the setup I use in my studio with 11' ceilings and a 51" wide background cloth. I need only six 2' pole sections + 2 spring loaded sections for wedging poles between floor and ceiling and 2 bottom pole sections with clamps. I use a pipe to hold the background cloth because the background cloth paper core is too small in diameter to allow me to use the polecat tubing. Most background paper comes with a larger inside diameter core. The Polecat tubing is 1.5" maximum outside diameter. There is nothing quite like this made today. The smaller kit weighs about 17#. The larger kit weighs about 19#. Need some black rubber legs tips for your Polecat system? I can sell you a set of 4 to fit the 2 spring loaded sections for wedging poles between floor and ceiling and the 2 bottom pole sections with clamps for $10.

Photogenic boom stand, counterbalanced tilt with a weight at the tail end of the boom arm, and counterweighted rise and fall, with steel cable that goes to a pulley at the top of the pole and down inside the pole to a weight. 8' tall on castered base, 4' boom offset, older heavier duty steel construction. The weight of this Photogenic boom stand gives it stability with a small foorprint. Place your strobe power supply on the custom support added to base for even more stability. The 6th photo shows the original spotlight hanger that came with the boom stand. The 7th photo shows an adapter with a 5/8" stud to accept lights such as Speedotron. You get your choice of those 2 items. If you need an adapter with a larger or smaller stud, I can supply that instead. Strobe not included. $475.

Saltzman 10' folding lightstand, 7#, 3' folded, 3/4" stud, absolutely great stands, 3 Ex+ available @ $175 each, one VG available @ $125. I can supply adapters for most anything. I have some in stock. What I do not have, I can manufacture.

Counterbalanced boom arm for Saltzman light stand or any stand with 3/4" stud, 36" long overall, 5/8" diameter steel boom arm, with infinitely adjustable angle coupling to 3/4" shaft. Coupler will also accept a 3/8" diameter shaft. This short and sturdy boom arm will be appreciated by anyone who has banged their noggin on a counterweight or run into an overlong boom arm. The coupling piece fits tightly on a 3/4" Saltzman stud. Might as well buy the best boom arm for the best light stand. Boom arm and coupler, $75.

Casters for Saltzman 10' folding lightstand, not locking type, set screw locks onto leg end, 3 available @ $25 each

Casters for Saltzman 10' folding lightstand, locking type, set screw locks onto leg end, 2 available at $40 each

Saltzman parabolic reflectors to fit above stands, accept dual pin MAZDA incandescent bulbs. Although $OLD, I do have some bulbs and some parts available for such lights. 6 of the spring steel clips and screw and nut sets are used on this reflector. I have 2 available for $30 or one set for $20. The smaller bulb is 2000W, 3200 degrees K, appears very little used, $50. The larger bulb has been $OLD. Both bulbs have a lot of Tungsten filament in them. Both bulbs are made by General Electric.

Saltzman parabolic reflector to fit above stands. This reflector's socket was changed to a regular medium screw base. It will accept ordinary incandescent household bulbs. I had need for a cool burning daylight balanced light, so I converted one of these refectors. The 85W fluorescent (400W incandescent equivalent) 5500 degrees Kelvin bulb in the lamp puts out very little heat. The MacBeth color checker was illuminated with this lamp with the camera's white balance set for daylight. There is an in-line switch in the line cord. $250 for the reflector and bulb. Stands listed above. This light is very stable on a Saltzman light stand.

Saltzman top cap, Aluminum hemisphere to fit over the top of (I am guessing) either a lightstand or a 5X7 Saltzman enlarger, about 5" diameter, will trade for about 8" diameter Saltzman top cap (for camera stand or 8X10 enlarger), or $25

Brewster Claw, 2 clamps coupled with 16 position dividing plate, $OLD

An item similar to the above listed Brewster Claw, 2 clamps coupled with an infinitely adjustable angle dividing plate, NEW, $40 for 2

An item similar to the above 2 items, but the 2 clamps are at a fixed right angle, NEW, $40 for 2

LOWELL LINK LOT. Includes Lowell grip and all else illustrated. $30.

Lowell grip, clamps to round or flat surfaces up to 2" thick and attaches to 5/8" stud, has many uses, including coupling boom arm or background to light stand, instructions, part of the Lowel link system. Illustrated above. $20

MANFROTTO #171 MINI CLAMP + 1/4-20TPI and 3/8-16TPI REVERSIBLE ADAPTER. The reversible adapter also has a 5/8" stud both ends. The hole the adapter fits into is 5/8" diameter, so this could be mounted on a 5/8" stud. Clamps onto tubes with a maximum diameter of 1.38" (35mm), and has a load capacity of 2.2 lbs (1kg). The model #171 replaces the old #2940. NEW, $15.

Rear projection screen, 6X8', w/collapsable frame (2' long collaped), stained, probably not useable as intended, but still useful as diffuser or whatever, $75

Boom arm or monostand, telescoping, 8' 3", by Photogenic. 1/2" diameter stud, Ex+, $30

Boom arm or monostand, telescoping, by Gitzo, from Balcar power pack, with European (3/8"X16TPI) threaded stud, Ex+, $40

ColorTran converter, model CLQ 3000R, 220V input @ 30 Amps, 3000W, 120V capacity, 5 level output, wiring cut for removal, some wiring required, Ex, $80

C-clamp, 2.5" opening, with swivel bracket with 1/4X20 threaded stud, at least 5 available, Ex, $10 each

C-clamp, 2.5" opening, with swivel bracket with female socket for 3/8" stud, 4 available, Ex, $10 each

Adapter, 5/8" stud to 3/8--16TPI, 2 available, $10 each

Adapter, 3/4" stud to 1/2" stud, 3 available, $10 each


Some dichroic filters listed under the Mole Richardson heading above. Other miscellaneous lighting filters found on my FILTERS, LENS SHADES, ADAPTERS, etc. web page.


Flashbulbs put out a lot of light compared to their size and weight. This is why they are often used by nighttime train photographers, cavers, banquet photographers, etc.

Graflex flashguns. No capacitors, batteries or holders. Lot includes 2 flashguns designed to take the holder with capacitor and battery, 2 extension heads (one with telephoto reflector) designed to run off the main flashguns, and an extra reflector. 8 page fold out brochure on the unit, accessories and price list included. These use bulbs with screw bases like ordinary lightbulbs, such as #22. Below find listed some #22 and some press 40 flashbulbs to fit this flashgun. All untested. All for $150.

11 #22 flashbulbs. These fit the above Graflex flashguns. $25.

14 press 40 flashbulbs. These fit the above Graflex flashguns. $25

Flashbulb adapter. Fits flashguns that accept the large screwbase flashbulbs such as #2, #22, #26 and press 40. Accepts smaller bulbs like the #5. It also allows you to use American point light source bayonet bulbs in a screw base socket (for darkroon use). $25 each.

Flashgun test bulb + adapter + screw on bulb protector. Fits the above Graflex flashgun. Bulb fits Honeywell Tilt-a-Mites and other M series flashguns directly and other flashguns with different adapters. $25

Graflex flashgun with regular and telephoto reflectors. Accepts #5 bayonet base flashbulbs like the ones illustrated. It has a lens on the front side that may be part of a solenoid system. On the back side there is a momentary red push button that is probably an open flash switch. No capacitors, batteries or holders. It has a clamp labeled Graflex, but it is a Heiland standard and comes with a Heiland bracket. All untested. All for $75.

Heiland flashgun with capacitor and battery holder (capacitor in base, 22.5v battery goes above), and 2 camera brackets + an extra clamp, $100. Accepts #5 bayonet base flashbulbs like the 2 illustrated. The capacitor and battery holder fits in the Graflex flashguns listed above. Buy the 2 sets of Graflex flashguns and this Heiland flashgun for $200. All untested.

Heiland flashgun mount. Different than the above mount. 2 available. $10 each.

Flashbulb adapter. Fits the above Graflex and Heiland flashguns that accept #5 bayonet base bulbs. Accepts flash test bulbs. Bulbs priced separately. $10 each.

2 complete Honeywell Tilt-a-Mites + one Tilt-a-Mite missing some parts + one Tilt-a-Mite clone by Sunset + 2 batteries + 4 capacitors. All untested. All for $30.

Flashgun test bulb. Fits Honeywell Tilt-a-Mites and other M series flashguns directly and other flashguns with adapters. Only one available. $20.

24 M5 flashbulbs, $24. Buy all M5, M3, M3B, M2 and M2B bulbs for $35.

16 M3 flashbulbs, $16.

19 M3B flashbulbs, $19.

12 M2B flashbulbs, $12.

21 AG1 flashbulbs, $10.

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