11X14, 8X10 and 5X7 ENLARGERS and accessories



A customer sent me the LED light source and I built the enlarger around that light source. The enlarger will extend out enough to make 1:1 prints and collapse enough to make wall size prints. The front and rear standards stay put due to gravity and friction. It is easy to overcome the friction and push/pull the standards in the 6" wide base rail. The negative carrier is a Kodak mahogany carrier that I adapted to hold the negative flat in the vertical position. This enlarger has been shipped off to my customer, but I have another bellows and other lenses in stock. I can build a negative carrier from scratch. I can even build a glassless negative carrier. This particular enlarger sold for $3000 + shipping.


12/X12" in size. Will fit many enlargers w/o alteration. Will fit many more enlargers with some work. For instance, it would fit the 8X10 Durst L184 enlarger with the addition of a flat adapter plate. There are 2 light tubes in the head. These tubes affect the low and high contrast emulsions in Multigrade paper. There is a gel filter holder with an opal plastic diffusion sheet and a glear glass sheet at the outlet of the head. There is an auxiliary filter included. The low contrast tube is on or off. The high contrast tube has a variable intensity control. There is a heater in the head to keep it warmed up and operating consistently. A short video shows the basics of the operation. This head is pretty uncommon. $OLD Note: When Aristo was developing this light source, I got a call from a local fine art photographer who had a prototype head for testing. He asked me to make a house call and evaluate the head. I did and I found a fatal flaw in that head. This head, serial number one, has no flaws. What was the fatal flaw? One of the tubes had been welded in the image area. The welded tubes have no interior coating at the weld and put out a brighter white area at the weld.

VIDEO of ARISTO VCL810 in operation


Calumet 8X10 enlargers are some of the best built 8X10 enlargers ever made. They are also some of the least known enlargers ever made. 8' tall, 36X40" baseboard, negative stage and lens stage all moved up and down by geared drive, lens stage is also moved by a fine focus geared drive chain that hangs down so that it is easy to focus while looking throuch a grain magnifier. Super Chromega Dichroic II 1000W colorhead. One of these Chromega head is complete and properly working, with blower, and is ready to go. The other head needs work; heads are listed on my OMEGA ENLARGERS web page. Lensboard. These enlargers came from a commercial lab. I set them up vertically in my studio in an out of the way place, then I piled stuff on top of and around them. One of them has a motorized head. Both may be operated manually. Enlargers needs detailing. The motorized enlarger also has an electric shutter just above the lensboard. The lensboard is 6X6". Pin registered negative carriers without glass. As-is, $1500 for the non-motorized enlarger. $2000 for the motorized enlarger with the shutter.


Some images of some of those enlargers are below. Details on my Durst Enlargers web page.



Polaroid MP4XLR copy camera with 8X10 Polaroid copy adaptor converted to enlarger. I have built and sold 3 of them so far; my customers have been happy with them. I can supply it with a GLENNVIEW built incandescent or fluorescent head. I can adapt an Aristo 810 head to it. A 210mm F9 Schneider G-Claron or equivalent lens is required. Enlargement range 11X14" to well beyond 20X24" on baseboard. Head swivels for wall projection, total height 64". The 1st photo is of a Kenro 8X10 copy adapter converted to an enlarger. The 2nd photo is of a TTI 8X10 copy adapter converted to an enlarger. In this case, I had to build the head from scratch. I added a wall mount to the top of the column to stabilize it. The key elements in doing this are experience, knowledge, mechanical design and construction skills, and the ability to make a variable density diffusion disk. I have the skills, but I do not have the Polaroid components to build another. What is needed is an MP4XL column and an 8X10 copy adapter. I can build one using different components; I have a Leitz copy camera that I can convert into an 8X10 enlarger. I can also build an 8X10 horizontal projection enlarger. The last picture shows the people who bought the Polaroid/TTI/Glennview enlarger from me. Space is scarce almost everywhere today. Most requests I get today are for smaller 8X10 enlargers. I have converted three 5X7 and one 4X5 Durst enlargers into 8X10 enlargers. I have converted 2 horizontal projection copy cameras into 8X10 enlargers. I built one 3600W horizontal projection color enlarger for 30" long rollfilm. I have built panoramic enlargers, one of which is listed on my PANORAMIC CAMERAS web page.


8X10 NEGATIVES OR PROOF SHEETS ENLARGED TO 16X20: Complete with light source, lens and below the lens filter holder. Negative carriers optional. Bolts to wall. The last of these has been sold. Wood body, weighs about 30#. 4 bulb incandescent light source with variable density diffusion outlet sheet that evens out illumination. Accepts 35mm or 120 rollfilm Saunders Super Proofers, available new or used or as a convenience from me for $25 each. Single sheet 8X10 multicoated glass for Super Proofers to lay upon to flatten film. 8X10 double glass multicoated sheetfilm negative carrier available. Want to do color or variable contrast?--add your own color correction filters and/or variable contrast filters. Includes alignment jig for easy setup. The alignment jig is a wood box that you place on top of your easel. You then place the enlarger on top of that box and bolt the enlarger to the wall; remove the alignment jig and the enlarger is now in focus and in alignment! This is the most practical 8X10 enlarger you can find today. It takes up very little space. It hangs on the wall freeing up your counter space. The enlarger is 32" long. Mounting note: Enlarger should be 35 13/16" from wood nose to easel. I will not be making any more of these. I leave it up for your information.

2X FIXED ENLARGEMENT PROOFING ENLARGER, as above, but Aluminum body, with 305mm F9 Rodenstock Apo Copygon lens. this lens is modern, coated, Mint and is optimized for 2X magnification. Without light source; set up for use with your Speedotron blackline head as lightsource. Speedotron Blackline heads have quartz bulbs as well as strobe light bulbs. It would be a simple matter to swap out the Speedotron mount for another brand strobe light or another incandescent light source if you choose. Weighs 16#. Designed for use on copy stand or as a horizontal projection enlarger, it has a 3/8-16 screw socket, no alignment capability and no alignment jig. Your copy stand must have about 46" height between mounting screw and baseboard. A 5X7 Durst enlarger chassis (with proofer replacing head) allows for alignment and is available at extra cost. Also has 4 bolt holes for mounting directly to wall. With variable density diffusion outlet sheet that evens out illumination from single overhead Quartz light or strobe tube. $1250 Mounting note: Enlarger will be about 36" between square AL nose and easel when focused.


De Vere lensboard for 5108 8X10 enlarger, threaded for lenses with 90mm X 1mmp lenses such as the 300mm Rodagon it is illustrated with. This lensboard will also accept the 300mm Componon and several other lenses. This is a custom made GLENNVIEW product. $OLD, none available. The customer wrote "Got my lens panel today. Superb engineering and craftsmanship! Thanks."

De Vere 115V Control, power supply. I am unsure what head this is for, so only $125

8X10 CHROMEGA F HEADS and accessories

I have two 8X10 Omega 12X12" SUPER CHROMEGA F DICHROIC II COLOR HEADS. They are listed on my OMEGA ENLARGERS web page.

For information about printing B&W using a color head check out my web page on Variable Contrast Printing using a color head.

8X10 SALTZMAN accessories

Chromega F heads listed above will fit the Saltzman with little or no adaptation. The Aristo W1212 fits the Saltzman without adaptation. Because the enlarger is so robustly built and because it has such a large top plate, virtually any head may be adapted to the Saltzman. This enlarger has been sold. Some of the accessories in the storage cabinet below the enlarger are still available and are listed below. The last 3 photos are of another 8X10 Saltzman--also sold. I leave these photos up so that you can see what a Saltzman looks like.

8X10 Saltzman condenser head parts. Medium screw base lamp socket with ~12X12" aluminum shroud for #302 lamps, $100. Fan shroud, ~6X6", $25.

Carlwen rollfilm carrier base and carriers for Saltzman available

Original Saltzman 8X10 filter holder. It no doubt originally held a red filter. I can supply it with a red filer for $125 or $100 without the filter.

Original cast Saltzman 8X10 lensboard. If you look closely you can see the outline of a universal diaphragm lensholder or UDL that used to be mounted on this lensboard. Saltzman made UDLs. The 4 screws held the UDL on the lensboard. 81.3mm hole size. 6.25" diameter. $100

Machined Saltzman 8X10 lensboard. The flange is for a lens with 90mm X 1mmp threads such as the 300mm Componon in lens skirt or the 300mm Apo Rodagon or Rodagon-G. In fact, many large format enlarging lenses have this size thread. 93.6mm hole size in lensboard w/o flange. 6.25" diameter. Lensboard with flange, $250. Lensboard without flange, $125. Actually, this lensboard has been sold, but I can machine another lensboard and mount the lens of your choice on it. I have several 8X10 enlarging lenses and lensboards in stock.

300MM F5.6 COMPONON, coated, Ex, $300. Add $100 for lens neatly mounted on 8X10 Saltzman lensboard. It is illustrated mounted on a GLENNVIEW made Durst lensboard. The Saltzman lensboard for this lens is illustrated above.

GLENNVIEW made Saltzman 8X10 lensboard. Black anodized aluminum. 1" Pilot hole. 6.25" diameter. $100. Only one left.

5" recessed or extension Caesar Saltzman lenscone, Ex+, $250. Lenscone has a 77mm hole + 4 screwholes where a Caesar Saltzman universal diaphragm lensholder was attached. On right in below image.

12" extension lenscone. This can be used for reductions or the enlarger may be used as a very stable macro or copy camera. This has the lensboard attachment hardware as found on the enlarger. Note that one of four lensboard retainers is missing. RARE. $300. If you want me to make the missing retainer, add $125. On left in above image.

Original Saltzman joint connector for 1.25" diameter tubing. This may be used on an enlarger or on a camera stand. $85

Original Saltzman knobs. The wood knob on the left is used on the hand cranks on enlargers; it turns freely on the shaft which makes it easy to turn the hand wheels. It has a 5/16-18TPI threaded shaft and is $85. The 1.5" diameter black bakelite knob has 1/4-20TPI threaded shaft and is $20. The 1.5" diameter knurled aluminum knob has 1/4-20TPI threaded hole and is $25.

Original Saltzman adjustable table supports. Single piece steel. 1/2-20TPI. Note that the 3 on the left are broken. OMG! I hope no one was injured in that accident. These support the enlarging tabletop and are adjustable for alignment. $40.

Original Saltzman adjustable table supports. These differ from the above in that the cast piece is aluminum and the 1/2-20TPI threaded rods and nuts are steel. These support the enlarging tabletop and are adjustable for alignment. $80.

5X7 SALTZMAN accessories

The 5X7 Saltzman enlarger is rare. I had one; it was sold to someone in Colorado. We had fun carrying it down 4 flights of stairs. As far as I know, it may have been a one-of-a-kind item because I have never seen another. Essentially it was a "cute" version of the 8X10 Saltzman. It was rare enough and attractive enough to belong in a museum. That term "museum" has been used by visitors to describe my studio and workshop.

Original cast Saltzman 5X7 lensboard. Originally this had a 58mm capacity Caesar Saltzman universal diaphragm lensholder neatly attached; the 4 screwholes used to hold the UDL on the lensboard. 76.7mm hole size, 5.25" diameter, RARE, $100.

GLENNVIEW made Saltzman 5X7 lensboard. This lensboard has a slight projection just like the original. 1" Pilot hole. 5.25" diameter. Anodized black aluminum. $100.

Saltzman top cap, Aluminum hemisphere to fit over the top of (I am guessing) either a lightstand or a 5X7 Saltzman enlarger, about 5" diameter, will trade for about 8" diameter Saltzman top cap (for camera stand or 8X10 enlarger), or $25

5X7" negative stage with masking blades from an older American made enlarger. I do not remember the manufacturer, but it was not Saltzman. 3 blades are push/pull operation. The rear blade is geared. Very high quality. $200

Miscellaneous 8X10 and 11X14 enlarger parts and accessories:

Building a super large format enlarger? Light sources for super large format are difficult to find. Here is one that may work for you.

16X20" COLD LIGHT. Power supply runs on 120V, but puts out 600V. Voltarc Blue tubing. $400 for the coldlight. $100 for the power supply. Both available separately.

20X24" TRANSILLUMINATED COPYBOARD. A 20X24" double glass copyboard that clips to the shell of the 16X20" cold light is available. There is a piece of opal plexiglass that goes between the glasses. Glass and Plexiglass are clean. Aluminum frame. Although the copyboard will hold 20X24" material, the above mating cold light will not illuminate 20X24"; it will certainly illuminate 16X20". $250

10X10 hinged negative carrier. I do not know what enlarger this fits. The overall size is 12X12". Window opening is 9 1/2 X 9 1/2" square. Included glass is worthless. There is one glass retaining clip missing. Another good one for your homemade enlarger. $65.

5X7 Kodak glass carriers. The black carrier is metal. The green carrier is wood. Each has a bottom sheet of glass. A top sheet of glass is required to hold the negative flat. The glass in the metal carrier is scratch free, $100. The glass in the wood carrier has a 1/8" scratch, $70. I will supply a top cover glass of new clear glass for $50 additional. I like these carriers. I used an 8X10 in the constrcution of the 8X10 horizontal projection enlarger at the top of this page.

Easel from Fotar enlarger. Black formica covered. 42X62" in size; it is thick too @ 1 5/8". You do not have to use it for an enlarger easel. It could be used for any purpose where you need a flat stable Formica covered substantial surface. $200

Negative stage and bellows from 8X10 Fotar enlarger. This is so oversize that it is possible to convert this to an 11X14 negative stage. Bellows are light tight and in good condition. Negative stage has a hinged door to keep light contained and dust out. Set up to accept a pin registered carrier. No negative carrier included. Flat top and grooved sides make for easy alignment and for easy installation on your existing enlarger. Originally, this was bolted to the Fotar enlarger chassis with just 2 massive 3/4" bolts spaced 10" apart as seen in the last photograph; these bolts are included. Converting a substantially built 8X10 to 11X14 would be one way to go. The 8X10 Calumet enlargers listed above would be an excellent choice. Another way would be to make a horizontal projection enlarger. The negative stage inside dimensions are 14X17". The opening in the bottom of the negative stage is 12" square; the opening in the top of the negative stage is 13.25" square. It is possible to enlarge it to accommodate 11X14. The top of the negative stage, where the head goes, is 16X25". $400

8X10 CALUMET ENLARGER negative stage, bellows and lens stage

Calumet 8X10 enlarger negative stage, bellows and lens stage. Bellows are light tight and in good condition. Designed to accept a Condit negative carrier. No negative carrier included. Designed to accept a 6X6" lens board. No negative carrier is included. $300.

8X10 CALUMET ENLARGER hand cranks

Calumet 8X10 enlarger hand cranks. Universal machine hand cranks of such size are available new for comparable prices and more, but these are specific to the Calumet 8X10 enlarger and probably available nowhere else. $125 for the larger one. $100 for the smaller one.

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