Why an XL? It's hard to find a more versatile camera, or better lenses, or many other 6X9 rangefinder cameras at all. In addition to rangefinder focusing, it has ground glass focusing. The single window/viewfinder has brightline framelines for 80, 100, and 180mm lenses. The whole viewfinder window can be used as a viewfinder for the 58mm if you get your eye very close to the window. 6X9, 6X7, and 6X6 backs are available as well as 3 1/4 X 4 1/4" Polaroid backs. No other 6X9 RF camera offers such a selection of lens focal lengths and Zeiss lenses at that. Although it is difficult to find the XL in clean condition, the XL equipment I have on hand is clean, virtually unused since the 60's.

GRAFLEX XL REAR LENS CAP. Fits all lenses in XL lens tube; in other words, it fits onto the lens tube rather than the lens. No cracks or splits (as they so often are). $30

GRAFLEX XL COMPLETE GRAFLOK BACK. Front half, back half, ground glass, Fresnel lens, folding focusing hood. Last one! $200

GRAFLEX XL GRAFLOK BACK body mount. This part is rarely offered by itself. This is the part that is found on the back of the body. You could use it as an adapter that would allow you to mount Graflex XL backs and back accessories. This was customized with the addition of the extension rods that allow you to activate the locks from above. This feature would be useful, for instance, if this part were mounted on a view camera lensboard. It could also be used to create an extremely slim camera body. In the 2nd photo the above Graflok back (since sold) is mounted on this part. $75

GRAFLEX XL GRAFLOK BACK adapter. This is the front half of a Graflok back. It allows you to mount 6X9cm or 2 1/4 X 3 1/4" Graphic rollholders, Grafmatics, Graflargers, etc. onto your Graflex XL. $100

CASE FOR GRAFLEX XL. This case was designed for underwater photo equipment. It is made of rubber or plastic. Waterproof, but no seal at lid. Will hold the camera with most any lens. Shown with 180mm lens, handgrip and complete GG back. $50

CASE FOR GRAFLEX XL. This case will hold the camera with most any lens shorter than the 180mm lens. The case will not close with the 180mm lens attached. Illustrated with camera with 180mm lens, handgrip and complete GG back. There is room for accessories in the case. The foam lifts right out. $25

Rollbacks. I have many. See my View Camera accessories web page.

Tiffen 40.5mm to series 8 adapter, usable with 47mm Super Angulon and 100mm Zeiss Tessar, $20

Cable release socket for 80mm lens tube, with screw and locating pin on back side of socket. $25. I have some similar hardware but I do not know which lenses this hardware came off of. One set has a spacer to set it off the lens tube about 1/16 ". The one that I know was for an 80mm lens has been sold; the other one is still available @ $25.

Left hand grip without cable release, without screw that holds it onto the camera, without wrist strap, with strobe mount. The XL grip is the same grip used on the Sinar Handy, albeit with a different logo disk and a different top accessory. Of course, the XL camera side mount is not used on the Sinar grip. $100

Neckstrap or wriststrap mounting hardware, available in black or chrome, $10 each set, $7 for 1/2 set.

D-rings, couple to above flash mount and grip a 1.25" diameter shaft, $15/set

Camera bracket with Graflex flash D-mounts for small format camera, 35mm or digital SLR. 5 available. $30

Camera bracket with Graflex flash D-mounts for rollei or other medium format camera. $30

Graflex flashgun bracket for medium or large format camera. $30

Quick release cable fitting for use on most lensmounts (not 58mm or 47mm), with mounting screw, Ex+, $25

Guidebooks. I probably have what you want. $5-25 each, better deal for quantity.

Rollbacks. I have many. See my View Camera accessories web page.

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