Under seat stearing (USS). Over seat stearing (OSS) hardware also included. It is in great condition. New stainless steel brake and shifter cables and cable housings were installed when I converted it from OSS to USS. 27 speed. Components: Shimano 105 front crank, click shift Shimano Deore LX shifters, Shimano Deore LX brakes, front Shimano 105 hub with 20" Sun Rim CR16, rear Shimano RX100 hub with 26" Sun Rim M14A racing rim and 26" Primo Racer tire, bar end protectors, extremely comfortable contoured foam seat with Nylon mesh back, water bottle carrier. The person I bought this from believed it to be a late 1990's model. This recumbent is light weight, responsive, and comfortable. MADE in the USA! The manufacturer went out of business several years ago because of foreign competition, but this is still considered to be one of the best recumbents. Many more photos below. Click on the photos to enlarge; click on your back button to return to this page.

One size fits most. The crankshaft and 3 chainwheels are mounted on an extendable or retractable front tube. It is presently adjusted for a person of average height. There is plenty of room to move the crankshaft and 3 chainwheels backward or forward to accommodate a shorter or taller person. My bicycle mechanic is 6' 2",with the leg length of a 6' 6" person and it is more than adjustable enough to fit him.

The seat is adjustable. It may be mounted in 2 different positions along the main tube, providing even more adjustment capability. The seat is mounted with 2 quick release clamps, allowing not only quick adjustment, but also quick removal for transport or storage. There is a water bottle carrier mounted on the back of the seat. The seat may be reclined considerably from the position illustrated........easily using the quick release bolt. The seat is cloth covered contoured foam. The Nylon mesh back provides good ventilation. The comfortable seat and the comfortable sitting position with its great degree of adjustment are one of the primary reasons people choose recumbent bicycles. Think about it: no more neck pain, no more back pain, no more crotch pain. When you step off a recumbent, you can walk as easily as if you just got out of an easy chair. When I dismount an upright bicycle, I am too stiff to walk properly. Another reason people buy recumbents is that they are more efficient. In the seated position with your back supported, with less air resistance, you may ride much more efficiently. You may go farther and faster with less effort. The land speed record for a bicycle is on a recumbent. If the upright bicycle racing organizations were less uptight about the competition, most racing would be done on recumbents and a lot more of the public would be riding recumbents when they saw racers on them. Oh, and then there is the safety issue. Recumbent riders do not have as far to fall! Recumbent riders will break a lot fewer necks and collar bones. I broke my collar bone when I hit an unleashed dog and went flying over the handlebars of an upright bicycle. I hit my head so hard that I am lucky I did not break my neck despite wearing a helmet.

The vertical column and handlebars used in OSS are included. This original steering column is the one to have because of the way it neatly organizes the 4 cables. The column tilts forward for adjustment or storage. An adjustable stop bolt places it in the ideal position for use. Also included are the original brake and shifter cables and cable housings that came with the bicycle OSS system.

The extra long handlebar stem that I added to the front derailleur mast was needed on another bicycle for its intended purpose, so it is not included. You may find another stem for that purpose or you may buy a Volae T-bar light mount made expressly for that purpose. The original OSS handlebars shown here holding light and mirror are included, but the mirror and light are not included. The front mounted Mirror works like the fender mirrors on a 1964 Mercedes coupe that was a favorite car of mine. You barely have to take your eyes off the road to see what is behind you. I was planning to add a 2nd light, a 2nd Mirror, red strobes at the rear, a flag and more. I include this picture of some items that are not included to give you some ideas that you may want to utilize. The Blackburn rack is not included; I wanted to show you that you may mount a rack on the bicycle. Also, this is a good view of the coutoured extremely comfortable foam seat.

The brakes work really well. These are the 1st indexing shifters I have had the pleasure to use. They are also the 1st integrated brakes/shifters I have used. It feels much like when I moved from a stick shift car to an automatic. You sort of wonder what took you so long to switch over.

The provenance of this bicycle. It was purchased new by a grandmother who rode around her Florida retirement community and nearby public park and bicycle paths. A daughter inherited it, but preferred an upright bicycle and sold it to me. I had it gone over completely by my bicycle mechanic, rode it occasionally and still do when I can get out of the city for rides on bicycle paths in suburbia. I have a number of bicycles in my "stable." I do not have time, space or money for all of them. $OLD. I am just leaving this up for the benefit of the purchaser, who can refer to the images when reassembling the bike.

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