DESIGNED AND ENGINEERED by the PARAMOUNT DESIGN GROUP in CHICAGO, IL, USA. High Plains Series 5000AL. Vintage about 1991. Very little used. Great condition! New sealed bearing bottom bracket. Completely gone over by my bicycle mechanic. Oversized butted Aluminum tubing makes for a strong and light frame. But it is not completely aluminum; the fork is Cro-moly steel for greater strength where needed. 21 speed. Components: Indexed Shimano STI shifters, Shimano 200GS brakes, Shimano Biopace-GS 28/38/48 chainrings, 13-28 tooth Biopace freewheel, 26" X 2" matched knobby tires, + a spare tire. Plenty of room for even wider tires and fenders too. Will accept a rack. The cruiser handlebar along with the foam seat makes the bike very comfortable to ride--perfect for the person with long legs and a short upper torso and/or short arms. The original slightly curved handlebar is included, and with that installed the bike will fit your average monkey with short legs and long arms. 19" frame. There is an extremely long seatpost on the bicycle, so it will fit a tall person. Presently, the original nearly straight black handlebar is installed on the bike. A different, but similar seat is now on the bike. If this bike interests you, you had best contact me ASAP as I am considering adding an electric wheel to the bicycle. Adding the electric wheel will quintuple the price of the bike. The bike stand is not included. THIS BIKE SAYS CHICAGO. KEEP IT IN CHICAGO. BUY LOCAL. $300.

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