HOUSEHOLD ITEMS, furniture, etc.


Stools. 29" high. Sturdy. $10 each, 2 for $15.

15 yds of textured polyester material. 55" wide. $50

Craftsman Style lights. Modern, not antique, made of plastic to look like they are made of distressed wood. "Underwriter's Laboratories Listed, suitable for use in wet locations. Made by Lightcraft of California." Unbreakable velvet Polycarbonate translucent panels soften and diffuse the light. Accepts medium screw base lamp. $75.

Table and chair. Table only, $25. Bent plywood chair only, $35. Chair and table, $50. 2 chairs and 2 tables available.

LADDERS for pool, bunkbed, to access the roofrack on your van, whatever. Each 54" high. 3 available, 2 red, one yellow. Steel. $8 each. 3 for $15.

DOCTOR'S SCALE. Seca brand. Made in Germany. Adjustable. Capacity 400# or 160 Kilograms. If you need to keep accurate track of your weight, you need an accurate Balance beam scale like this. Your typical spring based scale will give you inaccurate readings. Digital scales are no more accurate than the system they use to measure weight--typically springs. Balance beam scales are much more expensive to manufacture than spring based scales. $150

SCALES. The above and below scales sit side by side. Pick up and you will be able to compare the 2.

HEALTH-O-METER SCALE. Balance beam coupled to easy-to-read scale. Balance bean accuracy without the need to adjust weights. Adjustable. It stands about 3' high. 300# capacity. I sand blasted it, primed it and finished it in green enamel with a textured leather covered platform. I bought it from an octogenarian and I have not found another like it, so it may be quite old. Cast iron construction. Well made. The colse up of the leather is lightened in order to show the texture; the other pictures show the true color of the paint and the leather. $150

STAINLESS STEEL TABLE. Government surplus. From Dental Lab. High quality construction. Has leveling feet. 20X28X32-33" high. Needs cleaning up. Has much tape residue on it--mostly around the sides. Will clean up. $100.

FLO-HOT INSTANT WATER HEATER. Model c-1, Landam Products Corp., NY. At 15 amps and 120V, it should provide plenty of hot water for coffee, etc., but do not expect to take a shower. It is designed to screw onto a faucet with ordinary 3/4" hose threads. There is a brass screen filter on the inlet. The outlet is on the bottom. A switch on the top allows you to turn it on/off. $30.

WALNUT AND CHERRY DESK. Custom made for a 6' 8" person. 27X71" by 33" high top. For most of us, this is a stand up desk. An adjustable height artists' chair converts it into a sit down desk for anyone. The lower right drawers have pendaflex file holder racks. The upper drawer has wood inserts to organize smaller items like pens, etc. Under the kneehole is a pullout keyboard tray. Custom made for a tall person at a cost of several times what I am asking for it. Will deliver and reassemble for a fee. $450.

SOLID WALNUT BEDSIDE TABLE or END TABLE. Not veneered. No chipboard. Older higher quality piece. With small drawer and sizable open storage space underneath. About 2 feet tall and 18" deep. $75.

BENT PLYWOOD CHAIRS. Simple, elegant design. 2 for $60.

CUSTOM OAK STAND FOR BOTTLED WATER DISPENSER or CROCK. Solid oak legs. Oak plywood top. Stands taller than and is sturdier than commercially available stands; the average height person does not have to bend over to fill his glass. A 5 gallon bottle fits underneath. Crock listed separately. Now that I have given up bottled water I may turn this into a plant stand when I find the time. $125.

BOTTLED WATER DISPENSER or CROCK. It is clean. It does not leak. Although not shown, I have the plastic disk for the top rim that the water bottle sits upon. $25.

TEAK TABLETOP WINE RACK. Hand carved. Holds 12 bottles. ~18X18X10". $35.

WINE TABLE, WINE STORAGE. Holds 24 bottles and 18 glasses. Malaysian hardwood. $20.

TABLE LEGS. Tropical hardwood. Typical mounting system. Complementary mounting hardware available at on-line woodworking supply stores, which abound. Some scuffing on these used legs. ~28 5/8" long by 3 5/16" square at top. $20.

TABLE LEGS. Tropical hardwood. Typical mounting system. Complementary mounting hardware available at on-line woodworking supply stores, which abound. Some scuffing on these used legs. ~35" long by 2 3/4" square at top. $20.

PIANO LEGS. American hardwood. Unusual mounting system. ~25" long overall. Top is 17" by 5". $30.

TABLE LEGS. Chrome plated steel. Some pitting of chrome and rust. They should clean up fairly well with chrome cleaner. Sturdy cylinders. They are stored in a fairly inaccessible place, so I just managed to grab one for a photo. Rubber foot. 28.25" long by 2 1/2" diameter. $20 for a set of 4.

SLEEP RIGHT SIDE SLEEPING PILLOW, 24"x12"x4" (Full Size). 4" height. Cradle for head and neck in one top edge + breathing valleys on either side of cradle. This pillow shape is not so evident until you lay your head on the pillow. Made of memory foam. I bought this new and used it for several months. The pillow case has been cleaned. $50.

TEMPUR PEDIC NECK PILLOW. Good for side sleepers or back sleepers. Made of memory foam. I bought this new and used it for several months. New pillow protector. I have been sleeping on the same Tempur Pedic mattress for about 20 years. $45.

OLSON PHOTO-EYE model SW-203. Turns light on in dim light. Turns light off in bright light. Tested; works. 300W capacity. 120V operation. $15.

MUCH MORE TO LIST ON THIS PAGE. Will get around to it as time allows.

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