This trike has a differential. Many trikes, such as the Worksman PAV-3 I electrified and customized for my needs are driven with one rear wheel. The reason for that is that turns are difficult if both rear wheels are driven. Virtually every automobile has a differential. With a differential, the inside wheel will turn less than the outside wheel in turns. That is another advantage of regular trikes (with 2 wheels in the rear)--they can turn on a dime. Want to make a hard right turn? With a differential, the right rear wheel with stay put and be the point upon which the trike turns. The turning radius will be the length of the wheel base. With the Worksman trike, you cannot make a hard right turn because that is the driven wheel, but a hard left turn would work as well as if it had a differential. Tadpole trikes (where the 2 wheels are up front have a very large turning radius because the front wheels just do not turn at a great angle without running into the body of the trike and/or the driver. Most "Delta" style trikes (where there are 2 wheels in the rear--including this cargo trike and the Worksman PAV-3) allow the front wheel to turn at 90 degrees to the line of travel. This trike has dual disc brakes with large pads. The disks are original to the trike. The go-kart pads are new and larger than bike disc pads. This trike has a locking front drum parking brake. This trike has 5 speeds. This trike has brakes set up for use with an electric motor......that shut off electricity to the motor when you apply the brakes. This trike has a throttle for use with an electric motor. This trike has an LED spotlight for a headlight that is like spotlights found on police cars. This trike also has front running lights. There is no battery with this trike. A 12V battery will suffice for the lights. If you add a motor to this trike, it would be better to run a converter off the battery for the motor. The rear running lights went with the pedicab rear seat that came with this trike. That rear pedicab seat was sold. The frame that supports the cargo compartment used to support the rear pedicab seat. The cargo compartment is ~31" wide. 4 large shopping bags will easily fit into the cargo compartment. All three tires are 26" in diameter. The Bell gel seat is very comfortable. This trike is ready for the addition of an electric motor in the front wheel. I will do it as time allows. $2300

SHOCKS. Used. These came in with this pedicab. They provided suspension for the passenger seat. They are adjustable. The mounting holes are 12mm inside diameter. I did not think I needed shocks with this pedicab converted to a cargo trike. $20 for the pair

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