BOOKS, etc.



SNAKE RIVER, by Michael Rubin, signed, matted and framed, 15X18.5" print in 22x28" frame, B&W, made from 8x10 negative, looks similar to Ansel Adams' photo of the same scene, sun rays coming from behind storm clouds over mountain over curving Snake River, purchased directly off the wall of Michael's first exhibit in Chicago, never removed from the frame, Michael is a superb photographer and printer and is famous for photographing some of the same scenes Ansel Adams photographed--and doing it with superior equipment and equal skill, $300


"Walker Evans," The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Softcover, 9X10", 190 pages, mostly B&W photographs, 1971, Ex, $25

"Walker Evans, Havanna, 1933," hardcover with a dust jacket, 8.5X11", 111 pages, mostly B&W photographs, copyright 1989, Contrejour, Paris, printed in Italy. Mint, $50

"Ansel Adams, Images, 1923-1974," hardcover with DJ, 14X17", 125 pages, Mint, in orginal shipping box, $200

I, Larry Frank, Photographer, "PORTFOLIO," 30 page softcover magazine slick, B&W, Ex+, $10

"IN WILDNESS....." selections and photographs by Eliot Porter from Henry David Thoreau, 1964, the Sierra Club, hardcover, color, 10X14", 100+ pages, Mint, $150

KARSH Portfolio, 48 photographs of 48 of the greatest people of the 20 century, including John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Nehru, Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Casals, Hemingway, Einstein, Schweitzer, O'Keefe,Helen Keller, Martha Graham, Braque, Steinbeck, Shaw, Tennessee Williams, 1967 1st edition, all B&W images with a jet black velvet finish, 10X12", 200+ pages, hardcover, Mint condition with a worn DJ, $300

W. Eugene Smith's "The Country Doctor," in an issue of LIFE magazine from 9/48, Mint-, $80

Edward Weston, Fifty Years, an Aperture hardcover, with a 5x7" "Nude, 1936," tipped into the front inside cover, 1973, 12X14", B&W, 284 pages, Mint- condition, $200

Edward Weston, his life and photographs, an aperture hardcover book, 12X13", B&W, 300 pages, Mint condition with a worn DJ, $125

Jerry N. Uelsmann, Photographs from 1975-1979, signed by the author, paperback, 75 pages, 9X12", Ex+, $60

Jerry N. Uelsmann, 25 years, a Retrospective,hardcover, 230 pages, 9X11", dated 1960 and signed, Mint, with DJ, $60

Jerry N. Uelsmann, Silver Meditations, paperback, ~100 pages, 9X12", Ex+, $10

Surrational Images, Photomontages by Scott Mutter, hardcover with dust jacket, about 50 pages, Mint, $25

The Great British, photographs by Arnold Newman, softcover, 50 B&W and color images, 8.5X11", Ex+, $20

Arizona II by Josef Muench, 1979, hardcover with dust jacket, 126 pages magazine slick, color photographs, 10X13.5", Mint-, $25

The Last Redwoods and the parkland of Redwood Creek, a Sierra Club book, softcover, color, 6.5X9.5", 160 pages, Ex+, $5

On the Loose by Jerry & Renny Russell, a Sierra Club book, poetry with photos, softcover, color, 6.5X9.5", 100+ pages, Ex+, $5

The Place No One Knew, Glen Canyon on the Colorado, abridged by Elliot Porter, softcover, color, 6.5X9.5", 100+ pages, Ex+, $5

Subsistence U.S.A., photographs by Bruce Davidson, text by Carol Hill, softcover, B&W, 9x9", 190 pages, Ex+, $10

Edward S. Curtis, photographer of the North American Indian, hardcover w/DJ, 7X9", B&W, 186 pages, Mint, $20

Choice, #2, a magazine of poetry and photographs, featuring photography by Callahan and Frank, softcover, 8x9", 160 pages, B&W, Ex, $10

"Ancient Egypt, discovering it's splendors," published by The National Geographic Society, 1978, hardcover, dust jacket, 256 pages, mostly color photos, 11X14", this compares favorably with exhibits I have seen at the Art Institute and the Field Museum here in Chicago, Mint, $40

"Europe, an aerial close-up," low level aerial photographs of the cities and landmarks of western Europe by Charles E. Rotkin, 1962, hardcover, worn dust jacket, 222 pages, B&W photos, 10.5 X 14", Mint-, 20

"Sports," by Neil Leifer, hardcover, dust jacket, 11X14", color photos, 186 pages, 1992, Mint, $35

"Olympia," by Leni Riefenstahl, documentation for the "Olympia" film with numerous photographs of the olympic games 1936, picture sequence (except pages 11 and 12 of the original edition, omitted for reasons of space) and captions as in the original edition of 1937, hardcover, dust jacket, 286 pages, 1988, B&W photos, 10X12.5", Mint, $50

"National Geographic Image Collection," soft cover, 9X12", 256 pages, many smaller color photos, quality that you would expect from NGS, Mint, $30

"Hail to the Orange and Blue," 100 years of Illinois football tradition, by Linda Young, 1990, hardcover, dust jacket, 245 pages, 9X11", B&W, Mint, $20

"Ink on paper," the Quad collection, 1971-1996, hardcover, 8X10", 165 pages, mostly color, the quality you would expect from a printer showing off his talents, Mint, $15


Brett Weston, photographs from five decades, an Aperture hardcover monograph, 12X14", B&W, 130 pages, Mint condition with DJ, $75

Clarence John Laughlin, an Aperture monograph, #17:3 & 4, softcover, 9X10.5", 136 pages, B&W, Mint, $30

Aperture 13:3, Ex, $10

Aperture 19:4, Mint-, $15

Aperture #82, Mint, $15

Aperture 14:2, Ex, $10

Aperture 13:2, Mint-, $15

Aperture 16:1, Mint-, $15


ASMP Stock Photography Handbook, softcover, 8.5X11", 175 pages, Ex, $20

Mortensen on the negative by William Mortensen, copyright 1940, Mortensen had some very interesting ideas about film development, he was the master of controlled lighting and development to achieve the desired end, I'm only selling it because I have 2, hardcover, w/DJ, 7X10", 283 pages, except for DJ Ex+, $70. This book is full of illustrations and lots of technical details covering the photographic process from visualization and lighting to exposure and development. You cannot argue with success. Mortensen was one of the best photographers of his day or any day. He was Hollywood filmmaker Cecil B. De Mille's still photographer. I especially like the theory summarized in the illustration; check out the images from his book listed below, which epitomize this theory.

"Gowland's Guide to Glamour Photography." Copyright 1972. Tenth printing, 1978! Obviously successsful. Hardcover with plastic covered dust jacket--that's why it looks low contrast. 170 pages. Full of color and B&W images of beautiful women. If you achieve 1/100 the success of Peter Gowland in the field of glamour photography, you will likely consider yourself blessed. Peter reveals the secrets to success in the field. $30. I have a lensboard for a Gowlandflex on my VIEW CAMERA LENS ACCESSORIES web page.

The History of Photography by Beaumont Newhall, softcover, 211 pages, 8.5x11", a "must have", Mint-, $15

Collecting Old Photographs by Margaret Haller, 1978, hardcover w/DJ, 264 pages, Mint-, $20

Sell & Re-Sell Your Photos by Rohn Engh, hardcover w/DJ, 323 pages, Mint, $20

"Photoanalysis, how to interpret the hidden psychological meaning of personal and public photos, " by Dr. Robert U. Akeret, edited by Thomas Humber, ca 1973, hardcover, w/DJ, 250 pages with numerous photos, Mint, $40

"Modern Wedding Photography" by Susanne Szasz,1978, softcover, 160 pages with color and B&W photos, 8X10", Mint-, $10.

"Zone System Manual" by Minor White, 1965, softcover, 112 pages, 5X7", Ex+, $30. On the last page there were 6 paste on zone system scales that you may cut out and use on various meters. One of these has been cut out of the book. Scales remain for Honeywell Pentax tubular spotmeter barrel and for Weston III, IV and V meters. It is by Minor White, one of the masters of the medium; you cannot go wrong learning from Minor White.


ANTHONY, the Man, the Company, the Cameras, by William and Estelle Marder, hardcover, w/DJ, 9X11", 384 pages, Ex+, $30

C.P.Goerz American Optical Co. "The Golden Dagor", 12 page softcover book with gold rope binding it together, no doubt accompanied a Golden Dagor lens, original was small enough to fit into a box along with the lens, this copy has been enlarged, covers all Golden Dagors and Wideangle Golden Dagors, lists coverage at various stops, color correction, convertibility of lenses, etc., copy of, $20

"Zeiss Objectives, the eagle eye of your camera" B&W copy of 48 page +1 color plate1933 catalog describing Zeiss lenses including Tessars, Biotar, Sonnar, Biotessar, Tele-Tessar, Protars, Double Protars, Convertible Protars, Dagors, Hypergons, Etc., 48 pages, $50

"Zeiss Optical Equipment for Process Work" B&W copy of 40 page + 2 larger fold out images + separate page price list + color copy of tipped in plate of 1933 catalog describing Zeiss process lenses including Apo Tessars and Apo Planars, $50

"The Canon guide to 35mm photography" by Kenneth S. Tydings, CA 1954, covers rangefinder cameras, 128 pages, Ex+, $20

"Kodak Lenses for Professional Photography," 1951, 16 pages, softcover, covers F6.3 Commercial Ektars, F4.5 Ektars, F6.3 Kodak Wide Field Ektars, F4.5 Kodak Portrait lenses, and Kodak Enlarging lenses, copy of, $25

"Kodak Wide Field Ektar Lenses, 190mm and 250mm, in Ilex Shutters," 6 page brochure that came with the lenses when new, copy of, $20

"Kodak Portrait Lens, 305mm, in Ilex No. 5 Universal Synchro Shutter," 7 page brochure that came with the lenses when new, copy of, $25

"Kodak Lenses, shutters and Portra Lenses," 1958, 57 pages, covers lenses of the day, Retina, includes section on "lens performance" and section on "useful optical formulas," Mint-, $20

"Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. Photographic Lenses" catalog H, 1907, brief history, description of lenses, lens abberations, graph for determining f.l. of lenses given desired angle of view and format, covers B&L-Zeiss Tessar series Ic F4.5 and IIb F6.3 lenses, B&L-Zeiss series IV F12.5 wideangle, B&L-Zeiss series V F18 extreme wideangle, B&L-Zeiss Protar series VII lenses, 26 pages, copy, $30

Copy of chapter VII, "Types of Photographic Objectives," from "Lenses in Photography, the practical guide to optics for photographers," by Rudolf Kingslake, director of optical design Eastman Kodak Co., ca 1951, $40

"Development of the Photographic Objective" a chapter from a book. I have not found a book by Kingslake (and certainly not by anyone else) that is as good as this chapter for the purpose of learning about lenses, their design, their coverage. etc. $50 for a copy of the chapter.

"Photography Principles and Practice" by C. B. Neblette, 1942, hardcover, 865 pages, 7 sections, 34 chapters, another great text covering all aspects of photography, including an excellent chapter on lenses, one of the few texts that lists F-stops and US stops in comparison chart, easy for the photographer to understand, also good easy to understand and use formulas for calculating depth of field and hyperfocal distance, B&W plates, Ex, $150, copy of lens chapter by itself, $40

"The Photographic Process," by Mack & Martin, 1939, hardcover, 586 pages, 14 chapters, Photographic Mathematics appendix, Formulary appendix, photographic manual appendix, color and B&W plates, good chapters on lens theory, highly technical, Mint-, $75

"THE HASSELBLAD MANUAL" signed by Ernst Wildi, 2nd edition, 1982, with dust jacket, Mint, $40

"Hasselblad 500C, 500EL and SWC" product catalog, about 40 pages, Ex+, $30

"Hasselblad 500C and SWC" product catalog, about 25 pages, Ex+, $20

"Hasselblad 500C and SWC" product catalog, about 32 pages, Ex+, $25

"Hasselblad 500C and SWC" product catalog, about 15 pages, Ex+, $15

Nikon SLR cameras, by Carl Shipman, covers EM, FE, FM, F3, F2, F2A, F2AS, softcover, 8.5x11", color, 200 pages, Mint, $15

Leica Manual, by Willard D. Morgan & Henry M. Lester, CA 1953, Hardcover, 6X9", 425 pages, color and B&W photos and text on magazine slick pages, Mint, $20

Minox B owner's manual covers model with built-in exposure model, 48 pages + fold-out covers, Ex, $40

Minox Daylight Developing Tank working directions small fold-out brochure, Ex, $10, Ex+, $15

"Electronic Flash Equipment," by Verl Mott, paperback, 112 pages, Mint, $20

"Wollensak Lenses and shutters", copyright 1919, covering Velostigmats, Verito diffused Focus, Vitax Portrait, Vesta Portrait, Versar Portrait and View, copy of, $25


I can supply copies of any instruction books I have. Most that I have aren't listed below. Find the equipment on my list. I usually note that I have instructions for a piece of equipment. If I have it, I can supply it. This is a service and I charge for the time to go out to a service bureau to make copies.

Al-Vista catalog and instruction book, covers all Al-Vista cameras briefly. I don't believe Al-Vista offered individual instruction books for each camera, but rather this book for all cameras. Original book available only with camera purchase. Copy, $20.

Arkay contact printer AP18 instructions, parts list, schematic, Ex, $10

Ascor QC 1000 electronic Flash System instruction manual, copy, $20

Ascorlight Auto 1600 instructions, original, $50, copy, $20

AVL ShowPro III instruction manual copy, $30

Beseler CB7 enlarger instruction book copy, 21 pages, $20

Beseler CB7 enlarger instruction book copy, 16 pages, I believe this is a later version of the CB7 manual because a black enlarger is illustrated, with schematic, $20

Beseler CB7 power focus accessory P-101 assembly instructions copy, covers power focus control unit and power focus drive unit, 6 pages, $15

Beseler Point Light Source assembly and operating instructions copy, 9 pages, $15

Beseler Dichro dg colorhead instructions, Mint, $20

Beseler 5X7 MVT Diffusion & Vignetting Enlarger instruction book copy, including wiring diagram and line drawings and photographs, 21 pages, original, $50, copy of, $20

BESELER 57MVT 5X7 DIFFUSION & VIGNETTING ENLARGER instruction manual. Original, $50. Copy of, $20

Bridgeport Milling Machine Operator's Manuals: see below under "Books as tools"

Busch Pressman 4X5 instruction manual, copy, covers model with top mounted RF, 31 pages, $40 for original, $20 for copy

Busch Pressman 4X5 instruction manual, copy, covers model with side mounted RF, 21 pages, $40 for original, $20 for copy

Calumet 4X5 monorail View camera (CC400 or Kodak copy) instruction book, 20 pages, Mint-, $30, or $50 complete with set of 4 replacement friction washers (for front and rear swing/tilt shafts)

Calumet C2 rollholder instruction sheet, $3

Canon FTb instruction book, 47 pages, VG, $20

Canon AE-1 Instructions, part I, ~20 pages, and part II, ~ 40 pages, both books, Mint-, $35

Canon AE-1 Program instruction book, 86 pages, Mint-, $35

Canon FD lenses instructions, 40 pages, Mint-, $15

Canon EF instruction book, 65 pages, Mint-, 2 copies available, $35

Canon P instruction book, 30 pages, VG, $30

Ilford Cibachrome or Ilfochrome color print manual, copy of, 24 pages + 4 charts, $25

Ilford Ilfochrome or Cibachrome-in-camera outline guide, prepared by me, $FREE. CIBACHROME-IN-CAMERA

Creative Phototronics Touch Timer instruction book copy, $20

"The Morgan & Morgan Darkroom Book," hardcover, 221 pages, Mint, $15

Durst Laborator 184 instruction manual, earlier than and more detailed than the below listed manual, copy, $35

"Durst Laborator 184 + Durst Color Laborator 184" operating manual, does not go into detail on the color head--you will want a separate manual for the head itself, copy, $35

Durst Laborator 184 sales brochure, almost as useful as the instruction manual, even lists and illustrates accessories not listed in instruction book, copy, $25

Durst Laborator 184 sales brochure, almost as useful as the instruction manual, smaller than the above, copy, $20, I have an extra, so, original, $40

Durst Industrial/scientific price list, 1973, covers V-184, S-45, ROP450, D-184, L138S, copy, $15

Durst price list, 1975, covers L-1800, V-184, S-45, ROP-450, DC-184, L-138S, copy, $15

Durst Graphic Arts--Industrial Enlarger price list, 1970, covers G-184, EPOI Color Repro Control, V-184, G-184, G-139, Spec-Micro II, Laborator 3000 12X18" process Color Enlarger, copy, $15

Durst Industrial/scientific Equipment Dealers List, 1975. This would be useful for finding new-old-stock equipment at low prices. Invaluable! Copy, $50

Durst 301 color mixing head operating manual, copy, $20

Durst Laborator 1840 operating manual, copy, $35

Durst CLS 450/BWL 450 operating instructions, covers use of head on many enlargers, Laborator 900, L1200, Laborator 1000, A600, DA900, CE1000, Leitz Focomat 2c, Agfa Varioscope, copy, $20

Durst EPOI St-450 Stabilizer/timer with TRA-450 Power Supply, Installation and opeating instructions, copy, $20

"Durst Professional enlargers for negatives up to 13X18cm/5X7 inches and 20X25cm/8x10 inches," brochure, briefly covers Durst A600, M800, DA900, Laborator 900, covers in greater detail Durst Laborator 138S, Laborator 184, Laborator 1800, CLS 300 and 301 color heads, and accessories, 24 pages, color copy, $70, B&W copy, $35

5X7 Durst L138S instruction book copy. 3 of these available for different vintages. I even have one in Italian. $35

5X7 Durst Laborator 138S and G139 dealer servicing instructions, copy, $35.

Durst SM 183 instruction book copy, ~20 pages, $35

Durst Pro instruction book copy, 13 pages, $25

Durst CE1000 instruction book copy, 32 pages, $35

Durst Laborator 1000 instruction book copy, 36 pages, $50

Durst MIRECO copying cassette operating instructions, original, $10, copy, $5

"Pavelle Colourhead model 401 (for Durst L1000) assembly and operating instructions," copy, $40

Durst DA900 instruction book copy, $35

Durst D659 or Durst Duomat instruction book copy, $25

Durst M35 IB + 3 pages of specs + 2 pages of brochure, copies, all for $35

Eseco Speedmaster Color Transmissions Densitometers T85C & T-85CD operating instructions, copy, includes some great tables and graphs, $15.

FR adjustable developing tank for cut films and film packs model DT-500 instruction tanks, Mint-, $20, copy, $10

Grafic View II instruction manual, 8 pages, Ex, $10

"The all new SUPER GRAPHIC", very nice 9.5X17" 12 page color brochure, Ex+, $70

Gossen Lunasix 3 instructions, 31 pages, in German, Ex, $15

Gossen measuring probe instructions, 17 pages, Mint, $20

Gossen Luna Pro Tele variable angle attachment instructions, small booklet, Mint, $10

Gossen Ascor electronic flashmeter instuctions, 13 pages, Mint, $20, copy, Ex, $10

Graflite by Graflex flashguns instruction book, Mint-, $20, copy, $5

Grafmatic Film Holder instruction manual, Ex+, 20, copy, $10

The Pacemaker Graphics, Speed and Crown Graphic "45," "34," "23," instruction and reference manual, Mint-, $35, copy, $20

Horseman optical exposure computer instructions, Ex, $20

"Hasselblad Superwide C" instruction book, about 30 pages, Ex, $50

"Hasselblad 500C/M, 500EL/M and SWC/M" instruction book , about 32 pages, Ex+, $50

"Hasselblad 200FC" instruction book, about 25 pages, with several inserts, Ex+, $50

"Hasselblad Bellows" instruction book copy (original stays with the above bellows), $10

"Hasselblad Roll Film Magazine 12, 16 and 16S" instruction book, Ex, $5

"Hasselblad Quick Winding Crank" (for film magazine) instruction book, Ex, $5

Ilford 400HL variable contrast head instruction manual, copy, $25

Jobo ATL 2 instruction book, 40 pages, original, $70, copy of, $40

Kodak Transparent Oil Colors instruction book, Mint-, $25, copy, $10

Kodak precision enlarger instructions & price list, copy of, $30. I have an original available for $60.

Kodak's Printing Color Negatives, 8.5X11" magazine slick color booklet, 52 pages, original, $30

Kodak's Printing Color Negatives, 8.5X11" magazine slick color booklet, 64 pages, original, $30. Different version of the above

Kodak Color Data Guide, spiral bound booklet covers the basics of color for the photographer and the printer, original, $30

Kodak 500 Projector, model B instructions, Mint-, original, $20, copy, $10

Kodak Carousel 750H Projector, Mint-, original, $20, copy, $10

Kodak Cavalcade Projector, model 500 instructions, Mint-, original, $20, copy, $10

Kodak Cine Special II instructions, 45 pages, Ex+, $20

"Aristophot Photographic Equipment, instruction book," copy of Leitz publication, 32 pages, $50

Leitz 1c instructions, copy, $25

Leitz 2a instructions, copy, $40

Leitz Reprovit 2a instructions, copy, $40

Linhof Master Technika 4X5 owner's manual, 33 pages, copy, $30

Linhof Super Technika 4X5 owner's manual, 20 pages, copy, $25

Linhof Technika III 6X12cm/4X5" operating instructions, large foldout sheet, $10

Linhof Technika III guide, 68 page booklet covering the Technika, the Super Technika and the Standard Press, CA early '50's, about 4X6", copy of, $50

Linhof Technikardan 6X9 & 4X5 9 page operating instruction and accessories list, B&W, copy, $20

Linhof Anatomical Grip instructions, 8 page brochure, about 5X7", VG, $15

Linhof "Exposure control at the ground glass" 4 page info sheet copy, $7

Minolta color meter instructions, this must be for the original model, copy of, VG, $15

Minolta color meter II instructions, Mint-, $35, copy of, $20

Nikkor 4X5 film tank instructions, copy, $10

Reflex-Nikkor 500mm F8 instruction manual, 11 pages, original, $20, copy, $10

Copy of Nikon publication, "Nikon Photography Multiphot instructions," 32 pages, $50.

Copy of Nikon publication, "Theory and practice of photomacrography by Multiphot," 18 pages, $25

Copy of Nikon publication, "Nikon Multiphot Supplimentary Tables," 6 pages, $15

Copy of Nikon publication, "Nikon Multiphot Photomacrography System," brief description of unit, parts and accessories with pricelist, June, 1978, 4 pages, $15

Color copy of Nikon publication, "Nikon Photomacrography Multiphot," 15 pages, descriptive color brochure with great exploded diagram of parts and accessories and showing how they relate to one another, $40

Olympus E-20 instruction book, English, Ex, $35

Olympus OM1 instructions, 71 pages, Ex+, $20

Ohaus Triple Beam Balance instruction book, copy, $5

"POCKET GUIDE TO QUALITY ENLARGERS BY SIMON OMEGA," 32 pages, covers some accessories not covered by other listed literature, such as the Xenomega, etc., COPY, $20

"Omega D5V/D5V-XL Universal Condenser Enlargers and Super Chromega D Dichroic II Enlargers Instruction Manual," 14 pages, copy, $25

"SIMON OMEGA ENLARGERS," an 18 page brochure that covers Omega enlargers produced in 1962. This brochure also illustrates many accessories that are not illustrated in the other listed literature. Well worth having a copy for $20.

Omega D2V (with variable condenser head) and Super Chromega D2 (with dichroic color head) enlargers instruction book, 12 pages, copy, $20

Super Chromega D4 & D6 (with gel filter color head) enlargers instruction book, 28 pages, copy, $40

Omega B22 & B22XL instruction book , 16 pages + copy of Shipping check list that covers 4 models and lists the parts (with part numbers) included with those models, copy, $25

Pro-Lab B66 condenser enlarger, Chromega B dichroic color enlarger, and Chromega B dichroic lamphouse instruction manual, 11 pages, copy, $20






Pavelle 401 for Durst instruction book copy, ~25 pages, $45

Plaubel Peco instuction book copy, covers 6X9 to 8X10 Plaubels, ~65 pages, $40

Plaubel Makina 67 instruction book in German, English, French, Italian and some other language--maybe Spanish, ~20 pages, copy, $20

Plaubel Makina W67 instruction book in German, English, French, Italian and Japanese, ~20 pages, copy, $20

Plaubel Makina (vintage 1955 and earlier) automatic rollholder instruction booklet copy, $10

Pentax 1/21 degree analog spotmeter instructions, Ex+, $15, Ex, $10

Pentax 1 degree digital spotmeter instructions, copy of, $15

Rollei 35 instruction book, Ex, $35

Rondinax 60 120 rollfilm developing tank instructions, copy, $20

Rondinax 35U 35mm rollfilm developing tank instructions, copy, $20

"Introducing the Imagon," 4 page vintage publication by Josef Folding distributed by Rodenstock, gives suggestions on how to use the lens for best results, copy, $20

"Rodenstock Imagon," illustrated color booklet by Rodenstock describing the modern Imagon lens, ca 1978, in English, copy of, $35

"The Rodenstock Imagon lens," temporary condenser instructions, from 12/56, copy, $10

Rodenstock technical pages on the 200mm Imagon and the cameras that it will fit--including adapters with part numbers, 2 pages, copy, $15

"Better Mounting," by Seal, Inc., materials, equipment and methods of dry mounting, 2 similar but different vintage 20 page booklets available, ~6X9", $50 ea., enlarged 8.5X11" copy of, $20 ea.

"Mounting, Laminating and texturing products--Everything you need to make your work a work of art," by Seal, Inc., materials and equipment offered by the current manufacturer, includes contact info for the manufacturer, 18 page booklet, ~6X9", enlarged 8.5X11" copy of, $20.

"Operating manual Seal Standard 120, Commercial 200, Jumbo 150, Masterpiece 350 dry mounting/laminating presses," 4 pages, ~8.5X11", copy of, $10

Sinar P, C instruction manual, huge fold-out brochure, with replacement depth-of-field scale for 4 formats, Mint-, $50

Sinar P and C instruction book, 53 pages, original, Ex+, $50. Copy of, $25.

Sinar Handy instruction manual for the 1st version of the Handy--such as the ones I have available, copy, $10

Sinar Handy brochure for the 1st version of the Handy--such as the ones I have available, oversize fold-out brochure, difficult to copy, copy, 2 different vintage versions available, I recommend you buy copies of both, $25 each.

Sinar Handy brochure for the 2nd version of the Handy--the one with shift capability, copy, $20, original, $40

Sinarsix instruction book for the Sinarsix meter with the 6mm diameter measuring field, copy of original, $35.

Supplementary instructions for Sinarsix, including instructions for using the Sinarsix as a densitometer, copy of original, $20

Sony VCR SLV N-70 and N-80 instruction book, English, $15

Spiratone Darkroom Director instruction book, English, copy of, 24 pages, $15

Stereo Realist instruction book copy, $20

South Bend Lathe, Model CL 670Z instruction book, Department of the Army Technical Manual, 60 pages with thicker covers, English, $25

Tasco bino/cam owner's manual, for model 8000, 4 pages, original, $20, copy, $10

Time-O-Lite timer instruction manual, covers models P-59, Master model M-59, Contact Printer model 80, Signaling model S-59, Monitor, R-100, Foot Switch model FS-30, FS-59 Footswitch and adapter, original, $25, copy, $15

Vivitar 285 Zoom Thyristor instructions, 110 pages, Ex, $20

Wista Rollholder instructions, Mint, $10

Zone VI Dry down timer instructions, copy, $5


Leica photographic equipment catalog #36, ca 1961, Mint-, $20

Leica photographic equipment catalog #41, ca 1968, Mint-, $20

Leica photographic equipment catalog #43, ca 1969, Mint-, $20

Leica photographic equipment catalog #45, ca 1972, Mint-, $20

Linhof new product report, 12 page 8.5X11 color brochure covering Kardan Master L, Kardan Standard, tripods and stands, Mint, $15

Linhof Technika Press 2 1/4 X 3 1/4, 6.5X9cm large fold out brochure, copy of, $25

Linhof Bi System, copy of large foldout brochure, $20

Linhof Kardan Master L 16 page B&W brochure, 8.5X11", Mint, $20

Linhof Technika large color foldout brochure, covers the Technika family or system, Ex, $50 35mm Technical pan copy negs of same, $20

Linhof "The new Multisystem Camera Generation", covering the Kardan Master GTL, Kardan GT, Technikardan, Reprotronica II NC, etc., 12 pages, 8.5X12", Ex, $20

Linhof Technorama 612 PC, color foldout brochure, 8.5X12", Ex, $20

LINHOF 50th ANNIVERSARY CATALOG 1992 reprint of 1937 catalog, in German, 80 pages, 6X8", $90. Both the 50 and 70 year catalogs show views of the factory machinery. In 1937 most machinery was flat belt driven from overhead line shafts, whereas in 1957, machines had their own motors with enclosed V-belt drives.

Linhof's ca. 1953 catalog, 45 pages, in English and German, $50, copy of, $20.

Linhof's ca. 1967 catalog, 100 pages, in English, the binding is coming apart, $60

Linhof lens shade/filter holder and filters, 6 page brochure, about 4X6", Ex, $25, copy, $7

Linhof Color Compendium 8 page brochure, about 4x6", Ex, $15

Linhof 220 large foldout brochure, Ex, $25

Linhof January 1959 pricelist, Ex+, $15

Linhof Kardan Color, color brochure, 8X8", 32 pages, Mint-, $40.

Linhof Kardan Color, color brochure, 9X12", 25 pages, Mint-, $50.

Kardan Super Color ST, color foldout brochure, 8.5X11", Mint, $20.

Kardan Standard 8X10, color brochure, 8.5X11", 4 pages, Ex+, $15.

Linhof focusing and light measuring bellows and (fixed) reversal mirror attachment brochure, 8 pages about 5X8.5", Ex, $15, and another that covers the vertical/horizontal (nonfixed) right angle mirror attachment, but not the light measurings and focusing bellows, Ex+, $15

Linhof Tripod heads, color foldout brochure, Mint, $15

Linhof Kardan TE/TEL, camera and accessories brochure w/price list, 4 pages, B&W, 1985, Mint, $15

Linhof Master Technika 4X5 single page simple description and price list camera and accessories, B&W, copy, $5

Linhof Super Technika V 6x9 single page simple description and price list camera and accessories, B&W, copy, $5

Linhof Super Technika V 5x7 single page simple description and price list camera and accessories, B&W, copy, $5

Linhof Technorama 6X12 and Technorama 6x17 single page simple description and price list camera and accessories, B&W, copy, $5

Linhof Technar 4X5 single page simple description and price list camera and accessories, B&W, copy, $5

Linhof Technikardan 6X9 & 4X5 2 page simple description and price list camera and accessories, B&W, copy, $7

Linhof equipment for Macro Photography, photomicrography, copying 4 page B&W brochure and price list, $20, copy, $10

Linhof Color 45S 6X9 and 4X5, 4 page 8.5X11" color brochure, Ex+, $15

Linhof Kardan Standard large color foldout brochure, Ex, $20

Linhof passport, blank, with Linhof Crest on stickpin, Mint, $50, or w/o stickpin, $20, 2 each available

Copy of 1979 Novoflex catalog covering tele, macro, repro, and micro Novoflex lenses and accessories for SLR cameras. 16 pages, Color, $30 or B&W, $15

Plaubel Makina IIIR brochure, ~12 pages, copy, $20

Plaubel 75 year anniversay book copy, 1902-1977, ~28 pages, $40

Sinar literature in large 3-ring binder from about 1987, must be about 20 booklets and info sheets covering Sinar cameras, Foba, Broncolor, Impact, etc., weighs ~6#, $120

Sinar brochure on the a1 (Alpina), 8 pages, 8.5X11", VG, $20, color copy of sent via email, $15

"The all new SUPER GRAPHIC", very nice 9.5X17" 12 page color brochure, Ex+, $70

Weston Densitometer model 877 instruction book, a great resource for use with any densitomerter, lots of information, tables graphs, charts, 22 pages, softcover, + blank time-gamma graph chart, original, $50, copy, $20

Zeiss Ikon Contarex and Contarex Special 20+ page color booklet, very nice and very close to being an instruction booklet, Ex+, $75, copy of, $25

Zeiss Cameras and accessories pricelist, 1938, covers Nettars, Ikontas and Super Ikontas, IkoflexII, Maximar A & B, Ideal A & B, Universal Jewel B--5X7, Magniphot, Mirax, etc., lists all accessories for these cameras, 6 pages, $25


SELF RELIANCE, by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Drexel Biddle, Publisher, Philadelphia, not dated, leather bound with parchment just inside the leather covers, appears to be letterpress printed, the image of Emerson appears to be an imprinted photograph, right hand page edges scalloped or deckel edged, an inscription on parchment dated 1905 in ink from a real ink pen, but the book appears to be a whole lot older than that, binding deteriorated, all the clues tell me that this may well be a 1st edition, do you know? $50


Nouveaux Caprices de Goya, suite de trente-huit dessins inedits, publies avec une introduction de Paul Lafond, Paris, Societe de Propagation des Livres d'art, 1907, No. 379, the ~150X190mm plates are individually hand tipped in, binding bad, cover yellowed, interior good, plates perfect, all plates present, $700

101 Masterpieces of american primitive painting, from the collection of Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch, hardcover w/DJ, 156 pages, color, Mint-, $25

Leonardo da Vinci, anatomical drawing from the royal collection, Windsor castle, Firenze, Palazzo Vecchio, 1979, softcover, 158 pages, many color and B&W plates, $25


LETT'S WINE AND CELLAR BOOK. For the vinyard owner, the wine cellar owner or the novice who wants to learn about wine. Hardcover with interior (hidden) spiral binding that allows the book to lay flat and still look as classy as its subject matter. Gilt cover decorations and page edges. William Kaufman. Copyright 1991. 128 pages. 6.5 by 8.5". Color and B&W illustrations. High quality printing on quality stock by Lett's of London. Although the book is designed to accept your tasting notes and even wine labels, it is unmarked and virtually perfect. $25


The collected adventures of THE FABULOUS FURRY FREAK BROTHERScopyright 1971 by Gilbert Shelton, Mint, $50

Further adventures of THOSE FABULOUS FURRY FREAK BROTHERScopyright 1972 by Gilbert Shelton, Mint, $50

FEDS 'N' HEADSfeaturing Wonder wart-hog, the fabulous furry freak brothers and other underground heroes, copyright 1970 by Gilbert Shelton, Mint, $50

DAN O'NEILLS COMICSand stories, Vol 1 No2, December 1947, Mint-, $50 Note: it would not surprise me if this were a reprint.

It's back to nature with HOME GROWN FUNNIESVol. 1 No. 1, copyright 1971 by R. Crumb, Mint, $50

MR. NATURAL featuring falkey foont copyright 1901 by R. Crumb, Mint, $50

all new ZAP COMIXNo. 1, 1967 by R. Crumb, Mint, $50

ZAP COMIXNo. 3, 1969 by R. Crumb, Mint, $50

ZAP COMIXNo. 4, Mint, $50

the INNER CITY ROMANCE COMIC: "CHOICES" No. 1, copyright 1972 by Guy Colwell, Mint, $50

SLOW DEATH FUNNIESNo. 1, copyright 1970, Mint, $50

JUNK COMIX TALES OF LUST No. 1, copyright 1970, Mint, $50

ALL of the above COMIC BOOKS, $300


Respective Rehabilitation, answers to your questions about old buildings, prepared by technical preservation services, National Park Service, U. S. Department of the Interior, softover, 8X9", 185 pages, Ex+, $15

Hedrich Blessing, book of photographs, softcover, 8X12", about 50 pages, designed to introduce you and the prospective client to Hedrich Blessing, perhaps the world's premiere architechtural photography firm, color and B&W images, Ex+, $20

Architecture Chicago, Volume 6: the Divine Detail, softcover, 8X11", 204 pages, B&W illustrations and photos, Ex+, $15

Chicago Interiors, David Garrard Lowe, ca 1979, hardcover, 8X11", 150 pages, B&W illustrations and photos, Mint, $25

Modern Architecture, by Vincent Scully, Jr., hardcover w/DJ, 8X10", 128 pages, B&W phtos, plans and drawings, library copy--withdrawn from circulation, Ex, $15

Japaneses Gardens by Irmtraud Schaarschmidt-Richter and Osamu Mori, hardcover w/DJ, 9.5X12.5", 325 pages, beautifully illustrated with color and B&W photos and drawings, maps, plans, bibliography and index, 1st edition, copyright 1979, Mint, $60

Art Deco Historic District, Miami Portfolio, softcover, 40 pages, color, 8.5x11", Mint, $10

Fallingwater, a Frank Lloyd Wright country house, hardcover with DJ, 10X13", 190 pages, great architectural photography and great architecture, inspirational, Mint, $60

Houses of New England, photographs by Graydon Wood, 213 illustrations, 63 in color, 208 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, Ex+, $20

American Masterworks, the 20th century House, hardcover, w/DJ, 11X11", 300 pages, great aritectural photography and great aritecture, Mint, $55

The Builders, Marvels of Engineering National Geographic Society, hardcover w/DJ, 9.5X11", 288 pages, well illustrated with color and B&W photos, 1st edition, copyright 1992, DJ shows a little wear, otherwise Mint, $30


The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, hardcover, 25th aniversary edition, 1968, Mint-, $20


Home Shop Machinist magazine, 12 issues from march/april 1994 through may/june 1996 (less May/June 1994 issue), great condition, + copy of issue march/april 1993, $50 or $10 for individual issues.

Aciera literature: I had an Aciera F1 milling machine. I ordered some parts and literature from Aciera. All the machinery was sold. I have color copies of the original literature available. F1 brochure, $25. F3 brochure, $25. Brochure of several machines by Aciera, $10. I have a standard B&W pdf file of the 44 page operating manual and parts list for an Aciera F1 for $50.

Bridgeport Milling Machine Operator's Manual, January, 1955. With Photos, diagrams, parts list. Original, $100. Copy of, $40.

Bridgeport Milling Machine Operator's Manual, 1964. With Photos, diagrams, parts list. About twice the thickness of the above listed Bridgeport Manual. Original, $150. Copy of, $60.

CALIFORNIA BOOK OF MAPS, 17x23" and many of the maps fold out to larger sizes, sectional maps, metropolitan maps, composite map, zone maps, SF area, LA area and San Diego area maps, extended area maps, issued by the PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION OF the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, color and B&W, ca. 1975, Ex+, $50

The Passive Solar Energy Book, a complete guide to passive solar home, greenhouse and building design, by Edward Mazria, hardcover, ca. 1979, w/DJ, 8X10", 435 pages, Mint, $20



SWISS MADE REGLUS UNIVERSAL DRILLING JIG, model G, for workpieces up to 3 7/8" diameter and for drilling holes to 1 3/16" diameter, 14 3/16" high, ~120# with cabinet full of accessories, including about 20 drill guide bushings for 1/16" to 1 3/16", allows you to drill holes in spheres, rods, or just about any shape, for use with at least 15" drill press, converts your drill press to a precision machine, instructions, $OLD, but I can supply the instruction book and 2 brochures covering 4 different models and accessories for $50. Note: I use this with the 17" Delta drill press listed below. The table on the drill press is bored and tapped for 1/2" bolts that hold the jig down.

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