4X5 BESELER CB7 and accessories

Why a CB7? Why is the CB7 better than the 45M?

Differences between the CB7 and 45M:The alignment and the alignability on the CB7 is far superior to the 45M. The lower half of the CB7 negative stage doesn't move when you open up to insert negative carrier, resulting in less play and better alignment. The head on the CB7 does not swing up 90 degrees for horizontal projection--for the sake of alignment (there is a right angle projection attachment available for the CB7 to compensate). The CB7 has a geared tilting negative stage and geared tilting lensstage whereas 45M has only non-geared tilting lensstage. The CB7 condenser stage is adjustable on rack whereas the 45M condenser stage is fixed on rack. CB7 oversized condensers assure even illumination. The CB7 lamp position is adjustable to give more even illumination. The CB7 has controls @ front of baseboard. The CB7 has power focus (with fine focus speed adjustment and socket for remote control focus accessory) as well as power elevation. The CB7 has a stabilizer, timer (w/socket for accessory footswitch) and resistrol built-in and mounted at rear of baseboard behind uprights. The CB7 has taller uprights for bigger enlargements on baseboard. The CB7 has generally higher quality engineering and construction. The CB7 is truly a pleasure to use. The CB7 is the only Beseler I would consider for my own darkroom.

4X5 BESELER CB7, condenser head, head raising and lowering motor, footswitch, timer, Resistrol, filter drawer above the film with filter holder for 6X6" filters, swing out filter holder underneath the lens, swing out red filter underneath the lens. The power focus motor has been sold and the price reduced accordingly. Accepts standard Beseler 45M series negative carriers. See images above and below. $1050.

Beseler 45M series accessories

Beseler 45M condenser bellows assembly. Note that some parts are missing, notably the focusing knob and the slide locks. What is there is extremely clean. $80. I made 2 of these that were complete with the dovetail geared rail into wideangle view cameras with nifty 2 part revolving lensboards that allowed up to 2" of shift in any direction. The backside may be fitted with a revolving Graflock 4X5 back. The images of the camera are against a green background; these cameras have been sold. I do still have a 2-part lensboard for one of these cameras available for $125. I also have various Graflock 4X5 backs available on my View Cameras web page.

Beseler 45M Nylon bushings for the dovetail rails. If your enlarger has developed too much play in the focusing, these may solve your problem. NEW, $30 per pair. 3 pair available.

Adaptor. Use this to adapt whatever to your Beseler 45M. It is the lower half of a Ferrante Codelite head. The Ferrante Codelite was designed to mount atop the condenser bucket. The square part is 8X8". $50. I have some original literature on the Ferrante Codelite head; you will find that on my Books web page.

Condensers in housing for Beseler 4X5M series enlargers. These are early condensers; later condenser sets came with a filter drawer. The filter drawer is an advantage, but it also allows dust in easily. These older condensers in housing are also very protective of the condensers because the condensers are firmly held in position. Newly cleaned. Mint- condenser set in housing, with a small scratch. $100.

Cold light head holder. This is an early Beseler 45M condenser bucket w/o filter drawer. It is just what you need to set your round Aristo cold lite head down into. The condenser dividers and retainer rings are still inside if you have some condensers you want to install and use this as it was intended. Omega condensers will fit into it. $50. I do have some condensers available if you want to use it as a condenser bucket--see below. You may also use this to hold the variable density diffusion disk listed below.

Condensers for 4X5 Beseler D series enlargers. I have 2 extra sets available. Mint set of 2, $150. Slightly scratched set of 2, $50.

LIGHT BALANCING DIFFUSION DISK, for Omega or Beseler, 6 7/16" diameter, thicker in the center, simply replace your condensers with this or replace the opal plastic diffusion disk supplied with your Aristo or Zone IV cold light head. Think you don't need it? Guess again. Make a flash test by focusing on the negative plane and making a midtone grey print with no negative in the enlarger. You'll probably find that you have a serious hot spot in the center. This light balancing filter is a new item made by GLENNVIEW, available nowhere else, $100. Similar item in 5X7" format, $250. Similar item for Aristo model 810 cold light head, 8.75X10.75" in size, the largest size I can make, $400. Expect 1-2 stops less light ouput with this diffusion disk. The plastic in the 2nd photo has the paper that comes on it as new to protect it. You can see the paper through the edges of the disk because the plastic is thin at the edges. The plastic is smooth under the paper; that side goes down. The machined side goes up. Are you a machinist? Try machining a thin sheet of plastic. You will find it is not worth your time to learn how. I have sold these to Europe's largest photo equipment distributor. I never thought I would be selling a machined product to the Germans.


4X5 Negaflat stretching type glassless carrier, $100.

4X5 Beseler 4X5" glassless carrier, P115, $125

4X5 Beseler 2 1/4 X 3 1/4" glassless carrier, 2434cn, $80

4X5 Beseler 3 1/4 X 4 1/4" lantern slide or glass plate carrier, 8334. If you have some old glass plates to print, this is for you. Rare. $150. In the 2nd photo you see it with a hand painted color lantern slide from the 1927 Movie, "King of Kings" by Cecil B. DeMille. I have a whole set of hand painted color lantern slide from that movie. Let me know if they interest you. In this particular lantern slide, you see Jesus and Judas.

4X5 Beseler 35mm full frame glassless carrier, #8302. Rare. Typically, you have to hand file an ordinary carrier and then paint it. This is a factory made 35mm full frame glassless carrier. $130

Beseler rapid shift carrier for 2.5X3.5" glass plates by Carlwen. Carrier base and carrier with 2 windows and focusing and sizing negative inbetween, Mint, $100

Carlwen carrier base for Beseler 45M, Beseler 23C and/or Beseler 6X7, and Omega D for use with 4" wide carriers, no carrier included, cutout in base is for 6x6cm, but may be enlarged to accomodate longer negative, model 2224, $70


All of the below lenses came in with a Beseler CB7, Beseler's high end enlarger and were well cared for.

100mm F4.5 Beslon Wetzlar Germany properly mounted on a Beseler lensboard with the fiber optic lightpipe. Wetzlar Germany is noted for its lens making industry. Mint-. $100. Lensboard only, $30. Lens with retaining ring, $80.

60mm F5.6 Componon properly mounted on a Beseler lensboard with the fiber optic lightpipe. The 60mm F5.6 Componon was often found on slide copiers. Mint-. $110. Lensboard only, $30. Lens with retaining ring, $90.

50mm F4 Componon properly mounted on a Beseler lensboard with the fiber optic lightpipe. Mint-. $90. Lensboard only, $30. Lens with retaining ring, $70.

28mm F4 Componon properly mounted on a Beseler recessed lensboard. Mint-. $OLD. Lensboard still available, $80. Lens retaining ring, 25mm, $30.


The lensboards with the above lenses are available separately.

Beseler lensboard with fiber optic lightpipe, 26mm hole, recess for flange, for use with older Schneider lenses with 25mm threads such as 50mm, 60mm and 80mm Componons, Componars, 55mm Repro Claron, Mint-, $30

Beseler lensboard with fiber optic lightpipe, 39mm hole, retaining ring required, came in with 50mm f2.8 El Nikkor, will work with many other Leica screw mount lenses, Mint, $30 Add $35 for retaining ring if needed.

Beseler lensboard with fiber optic lightpipe, 45mm hole, recess for flange, Ex+, $30

Beseler lensboard with fiber optic lightpipe, 30.5mm hole, recess for flange, Mint, $30

Beseler 57MVT lensboard, not original, undrilled, $35, bored to size, $55

Lensboard to fit Beseler 67c, not original, Leica screwmount 39mm threads, Ex, $30

Miscellaneous accessories

Beseler Polycontrast contrast filter kit. Complete set: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4. Some of the filters are warped. $15.

All variable contrast papers work alike. There are 2 emulsions in the paper. The high contrast emulsion is sensitive to bluish or violet or Majenta light. The low contrast emulsion is sensitive to yellow light.

Beseler variable contrast filter kit. Complete set: 1 through 10. Some of the filters are warped. $15.

I am not sure that this is a Beseler filter drawer, but given that it is painted Beseler blue it is a good chance that it is. Probably for a 6X7 or 6X9 enlarger. You may use it for whatever enlarger you wish; adapt your enlager as necessary. $25 each.

Beseler literature

Beseler CB7 enlarger instruction book copy, grey enlarger illustrated, 21 pages, $20

Beseler CB7 enlarger instruction book copy, 16 pages, I believe this is a later version of the CB7 manual because a black enlarger is illustrated, with schematic, $20

Beseler CB7 power focus accessory P-101 assembly instructions copy, covers power focus control unit and power focus drive unit, 6 pages, $15

Beseler Point Light Source assembly and operating instructions copy, 9 pages, $15

Beseler Dichro 45 color computer instruction manual, copy, + copy of 7 pages of literature on Dichro 45, D.A.T.A. Module, and MXII enlarger, $30

Beseler Dichro dg colorhead instructions, Mint, $20

Beseler 5X7 MVT Diffusion & Vignetting Enlarger instruction book--see below.


4X5 mixing box for Ilford variable contrast head for Beseler. In the original box. $OLD. Still available is the adapter plate for $25. The adapter plate is only needed for the model 400HL. Without the adapter plate, the mixing box will fit the model 500H.

6X7 mixing box for Ilford variable contrast head for Beseler. In the original box. with adapter plate, $OLD. The 6X7 adapter plate is needed for both the model 400H and the 500H. Available is a smaller adapter plate for the model 400HS @ $25.

Adapter plate for the Ilford smaller format (6X9 or smaller) variable contrast head for ? enlarger. With a couple of extra mounting brackets. I think it may be for a Beseler 6X7 or 6X9 enlarger. $50

BESELER 5X7 ENLARGER parts and accessories

Beseler 57MVT negative carriers: 6X9cm, $60, 6X7cm, $60, 1/2 of a 2-up-on-5X7 carrier, $60. 6X7cm carrier illustrated in 1st 2 photos. 1/2 of a 2-up-on-5X7 carrier illustrated in 3rd photo. This 1/2 of a 2-up-on-5X7 carrier would be the easiest to convert to a full frame 5X7 carrier. Your enlarger's value is as a 5X7 enlarger; you will want a 5X7 carrier for it.

BESELER 57MVT 5X7 DIFFUSION & VIGNETTING ENLARGER instruction manual. Original, $50. Copy of, $20

Adapter, 9 3/8" diameter metal plate with rectangular suport frame for 7 3/8" by 5 3/8" Aristo model 57 5X7 cold light, probably designed for use in 5X7 Beseler Diffusion & Vignetting enlarger or 5X7 Elwood enlarger, Ex, $60

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